Big Trip Night for me and my friends

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by %151_pROOf%, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. First we called my boy to chop us some... so where he chopped to use convientely had a picnic table in the back.. me and my friends, with our NEW 90$ glassbong, went to the picnic table to blaze.. we were smokin our weed and all of a sudden the police chopper (we have one in our town of 80,000 people) came right over our house, so we just kept hitting bongs then all of a sudden we see two cops cars go flying in front us on the road but they couldnt see us and they went down the street... then a cop car came in the parking lot of the place where we were behind and he just jump out wit his gun and pointed in the far corner opposite of us... then we went over after they caufght the guy and we asked what happend and there was a fight and mad people whre in a a party and people got stabbbed and mad people got stabbed and isaw blood.. and the b was new so we all got real high

    and now im home typing this message... PEACE
    oh and the weed was real white rhino.. 45$ A GRAM in canada... we bought two.. I AM SO HIGH
  2. woah, thats some sketchy shit.

    one day me and my bud were cruising around blazing, we drove past 8 cop cars in under 10 minutes. and they werent all going to the same place.

    (may not seem so incredible, but my town is 25,000 people)

    white rhino eh!! the some great shit there! your a lucky guy. blaze it out of a nicely rolled joint out under the stars. nuthing better.
  3. We smoked in my backyard, and then went out walking. A cop thought we were underage, so he wanted us for curfew. We werent extremely high but they brought 7 cop cars on us. For 5 guys. Weird. Town of 30,000 ppl

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