Big thoughts while high

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  1. Is it posible that standart marlboro cigarettes have a precise size in which it has the exact amount of nicotine and other chemicals in all the cigarettes?
    Well thit would be logical since all the cigarettes are made all the same way by machines which dont make mistakes. Now, is it posible that the tabacco companies
    selected this amount of nicotine and the length of each of the cigarettes based on studies they made and determined that this exact ammount of nicotine
    combined with the lenght and weith of the tube would be the most adictive one?

    Is it posible that the size of the cigarettes the tobacco companies selected for us to smoke is not the most pleasent one? for exaple, mabye for some people it would be great to
    just inhale only two times the smoke of the tobacco cigarette and that would be enough for them. But what happens is that the people who would be satisfied with only two cant do
    this because no one likes throwing out a cigarette that has just been lighted because also it would be too expensive.

    This was just one of my thoughts while being high. I always get this big thoughts and never write them down. I figured it would be nice to read it when Im back to earth. After when I read them most of the times are just lame. LOL

    Write your thoughts up haha
  2. you sir, are high. Thats a good thought, the tobacco industries definatly have humans owned
  3. They say there aren't stupid questions, only stupid people...
  4. Lmfao at the title of this thread and the nature of the high writing.

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