Big Pun

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  1. who here listens to big pun?. I think his first cd is the best. The twinz deep cover from the first cd is sick.

  2. he doesnt get the recognition that he deserves
  3. yep, im a big fan, everyone needs to hear Still not a player
  4. big pun is the man
  5. what kind of music is this big pun, from the name i'm going to assume it's hip hop but uh someone tell me and i might check it out
  6. big pun is rap. For a man his size(over400 pounds) he has great breath control. he can f****ng flow. he weighed 700 pounds when he died. he died of heart failure. He was also the first latin solo rapper to go can check his music videos at yahoo music. Everyone should check out the song twinz deep cover, its so hard,im not a player, and still not a player.
  7. he can flow alright... one of the best... has anyone head shyheim from wu-tang's album when he was 15 years old??

    Im listening to that at the min and his flows are as good as anyone... better than pun, god rest his fat soul
  8. Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know
    every riddle's a middleman who didn't do diddily

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