Big prob. w/rain down south

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  1. What do I do??? I grow potted outdoor plants, they have good drainage but we've had a week of solid rain. Causing the signs of overwatering. OK DRY THEM OUT! they are out in the woods in a thicket and can't be moved they are too large. I moved my smaller 1's in but my 6 ft. sativas are a no go. So the next week strait is calling for more thunder storms, what can I do to save the plants I can't move from drowning? anyone have any ideas? I'm open to suggestions. 2 of them are about 2 or 3 wks out the other is 4 or 5 wks. out so even if they drown it probably wont be a total loss. I'd love to see these reach their full potental. What can I do?:(
  2. pics seemed kinda pointless but are possible
  3. I've never grown outside but this seems logical...

    Could you get one of those big dark green tarps and cut a slit from the middle of one side to the very center? And then put that on the ground around each plant and then sew it up or whatever? This would keep the rain from hitting the ground near the plant which might give the ground a chance to drain?
  4. take a dark garbage bag and cut it, fix it to the base of the main stem(tape, whatever) and then make it go beyond the edges of the pot. kinda like a christmas tree skirt.
    as long as your soil has decent drainage you should be ok, the rain is going to let up pretty soon, and when the sun comes out real good, your plants will do fine.
  5. I thought of somthing like that or plastic wrap but this could cause a moisture build up from evaporation/more rain. then my worry would shift to root rot. woudn't that be a possibility?
  6. root rot how, that doesnt make any sense.

    Just put the tarp down man...
  7. don't have a tarp but a trashbag seems like a possible alternative. I'm goin to give it a try
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    I put plastic wrap for support, cut a hole in a trash bag and put it over them, then streched tie spots, then tied between the three stalks. hopefully this will deture water, and they can dry out some. I hope this damn rain stops pretty soon. 001.jpg here is a pic of my yard yesterday. looks like a river, needed a boat to get to the cars lol
  9. send some of that water this way. its been dryer than a popcorn fart here for weeks! hopefully everything turns out ok for ya man

  10. Dude is that a monkey in that pic in the road by the car? lol.
  11. haha I was thinking the same thing.
  12. cat....

    and HOLY SHIT that is a lot of rain....

    I think at this point you're doing DWC... stick an air stone in the dirt?
  13. it's a pit bull puppy (Tony Montana aka Scrface) lol wtf is an air stone?
  14. yah well when the rain stops...then take the bag off to allow for decent air circulation. although tomato farmers do the same thing(basically) and they dont suffer any negative consequences.
    you are getting a lot of rain, so are my brothers and they were worrying about the same thing. it all goes back to the soil you use,as to whether or not your "safe". it might be a hassle to put it(garbag bag) on...take it so on, but its worth it. good luck
  15. the storms also passed me bro, im in the south. Before my baby got hacked and taken ( yes she did, 7.5 foot sativa 5 weeks into budding ) There was plenty of sitting water and rain and shit around my plant. She did nothing but stand strong and keep making buds. My buds did come out super Airy though, maybe because of that last straight week with no sun? Its alright, she got stole from me anyways not much I can do about it besides find the fucker, and fucking become SUPERGROWMAN next year

    oh yeah your yard looks like one I pulled up in when I dropped my friend off the other day. hope your not THAT close to me hahahaha
  16. yeah in Georgia it's been super rainy and I find myself waking up to thunder storms and running out in my pj's to bring my girl under the patio umbrella
  17. It's really trying my patience.... but out of 10 plants so far I've only lost 2/3 of one and it was a strangler anyways. so I'm not sitting that bad, but my 9 and 1/3 plants I have left are really suffering through all these storms. I have yet to go check them today to see how the wrap and bag idea held up as it has been raining today...again.... but my hopes are high. Hopefully it worked and my soil will start to dry out some. I also drilled additional holes in the sides of pots for extra drainage and increased air flow. It has just not been a good week for farming in the southern U.S.
  18. My plant got damaged pretty severely by the rain 2 days ago, its in the thread I made.
  19. mine were close to a "kind" of ditch, a natural one, and a flash flood came and they actually got washed down the ditch. out of 3 only the 1 took damage....and suprise, suprise it's raining again.
  20. i had a 6'4 sativa, the rain fucked her up..only half of her left:(

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