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Big poppa puff

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Jul 1, 2002.


Does BPP make elephant noises?

  1. no Digit. you really need to get some weed to straighten out your head. Big Poppa isn't really

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  2. No, BPP just makes loud thumping sounds when he pounds on his super size elephant keyboard.

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  3. yeah Big Poppa Puff makes REALLY low frequency vibrations. lower than other elephants due to the si

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  4. no digit, he makes BIG elephant noises on the toilet

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  1. i saw a documentary about elephant comunication today (the big eared african ones like u) and wondered if u make Ultra Low Frequency vibrations over 100dB too?

  2. IMHO, BPP can roar like a Lion, or smooth-talk like a used car salesman, depending on his need at the moment.

    But more importantly, He's a GREAT guy, and a terrific Husband and Father, And I'm DAMN proud to call him my friend!! :D

    BPP, ya can give me a joint or two next time we meet for the nice comments!!! LMAO, and MISSIN" ya'll BUNCHES!!! :wave:
  3. bpp is da luvabl granpa of the site (one of em anyways). not that i'm saying he's old. just mature, wise, and experienced.

    u gotta remind me what "IMHO" means.

    i keep forgetting that one.
  4. in my humble opinion
  5. digit man..goin crazy on the polls, makin my avatar better...geeze you are a busy man my friend, very busy indeed.....i think he stomps the big keyboard ;)
  6. im really into yours too...its got that creepy appeal..except a good creepy, unlike nubbins...(shivers up and down spine)...yours is tight mrcrispy

  7. busy cos i got nothin else to do. too ill to go out. too stressed to think about work or my business. and all the flatmates r away. grasscity with all my fellow blades is my sanctuary.
  8. wait a minute nam... wot u saying i'm busy for? i've been keeping an eye on both our post counters and yours is just keeping ahead all the time!!! u must be more busy than me! (or do the numbers lie? cos i have done a few huge posts in the philo section)
  9. yeah man..i make it a point to get on when i get stoned..and since ive either gotten off early or had the days off the past two weeks or so, ive had a lot of time to be stoned :D..which im not arguing with :D...then again a few of my posts are just one or two sentence jokes or opinions..nothing too major..sept for my anti aluminum campaign
  10. here's a thought... where is big poppa? and when is he coming back. i mean it is fun listening to the antiks of K & E and various other nutters, and i got nubbin bridging the gap between the nutters and the wisdom blades, and i got all the other wise blades still posting occasionally... but i miss big poppa's own special brand of sage wisdom.
  11. Actually thast low freq. sound is coming from his colon.

    Being on in years, as Poppa is, he's taken to freebasing Metamucil. God, such a waste! Go to any Bingo hall. There they are. Looming in the shadows, hitting off their little Meatmucil pipes. Popping Geritol like it's candy. All for the sake of one good bowel movement! It is worth it? I think not. It's time to bring these bladder locked thugs back to the real world.


    Poppa gonna have fun with me when he get's back from vacation!:)
  12. smokinokie, actually i heard that rumor and thought, no, can it be? did BPP actually become a slave to the 'mucil and let the excessive fiber rot his brain?

    and what, now, geritol as well?!?! next thing you know he'll be poppin' viagra like vitamins with a hard-on that'll never quit. At least Momma Puff is happy!

    maybe it's best he's "on vacation"... maybe he'll clean up his act ;)

    BPP we miss ya! come back soon & share with us the adventures of vacation.
  13. im so sad left me and the whole humor department out...and what about safety and the anti aluminum campaign....yall just wait..blinkboy will be back soon..then we will be unstoppable!!
  14. Smokie and Ganjaphish ya'll crack me up!!

    i'll let you in on a little secret if ya'll listen. BPP makes hugh elephant noises when he is on the toilet!!!

    He already takes viagra like eating pop corn with very little help in his situation. Limpy I think is what Momma Puff calls him!

    He buys metamucil by the 55 gal drums!!!

    No bingo because they have iside toilets. If BPP lets off gas they have to call the fire dept.

    Exlax is BPP's best friend!!!!!!!!hahaha

    I thought i'd get ya off the hook Smokie and Ganja!
  15. thanks there critter....mary jane tends to enhance my i might as well be in the bathroom with a big farting wooly mammoth with a o man

  16. I didn't miss u out dude... i said "various other nutters" :D
    and anyways that post was just representing the scale of people (the likeable ones anyway) u c on GC. You (and a dozen others) hold unique positions that needn't be mentioned on the scale... i only pinpointed A FEW landmarks on the humour-wisdom scale. i mentioned E&K cos they represent the far reaches of my humour appreciation (too much violence).

  17. LOL!!!! well Bud Head I guess it makes 3 of us now in the hot seat when he's back, that's OK misery loves company, and it was worth the laughs this early in the morning for me! :)
    BPP wherever you are we *do* love you!!! Please have mercy!
  18. dont i feel like a whiny lil bitch......*lights joint*.....nahhhhh
  19. Maybe it won't be so bad. He's got to split it up three ways now!!!!!!!

    The truth does hurt him a little bit though!!!!!
  20. Bumping up for BPP to see!

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