Big or little bong hits

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  1. Which do you prefer? Why?
  2. Depends on how high I wanna most times I rip that fucker till I cough up a lung.
  3. I try to take enough so I don't cough and go a little bit further and try to hold back the coughing.
  4. I'd say the best hit is more of a happy medium, a hit that is nice and white but not so much that you cough up a lung like cantigo. Plus the taste is all in a slow exhale not a coughing fit so def smaller hits for me as well. What about yourself?
  5. First hit or two rip the fuck out of it and then the rest just take like decent respectable hits
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    Don't hate mayne just cuz you can't handle Mary.
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    Doesn't look like he's hating. Just stating his opinion per OPs request.

    I also agree. I want one big enough so I get a nice thick milk ;] but I'm not smoking to show off to friends.

  8. That about sums it up. Although, sometimes I will take a titanic hit and i'll cough up a lung.
  9. i'm a daily smoker so little little baby hits feel like breathing air to me, but i like to rip it so i get a kick in the lungs (not enough to make me cough) and a tasty exhale. i hate when the hits just taste like charred plant matter.
  10. I like to fill up the bong with smoke so it's white, but not that thick yellow you see when you take a reel big hit
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    Yellow smoke = burnt weed, not more concentrated THC.
  12. I love to take big hits and clear it, but i dont usually cough and wouldnt want to.
  13. Depends on the bong im using. Usually smaller or medium hits. I like the smoothness in my lungs and not to have a worry of coughing or that feeling of holding back coughs

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