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Big Nugs Vs Small Nugs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. My old dealer was a good buddy of mine and he told me, if i ever have the option, always choose smaller nugs over bigger nugs. It makes sense because bigger nugs tend to have big stems, oppose to smaller nugs having small or no stem. Even though a 2 gram nug looks much better than a few little nugs, you get more weed out of it. Whats your preference? Or do you disagree? Smoke up :smoke:
  2. I prefer big nugs :), idk somethin about putting a nice, big smelly nug in my jar and looking at it :cool:. and I just use whatever stems I do get for some qwiso :hello: it all works out.
  3. I like medium sized nugs. Large ones often do have huge stems, and I just don't like tiny nugs.
  4. I prefer "baby dro"..
  5. Big nugs are the best
  6. LOL is this even a question, big nugs all the way
  7. I try to grow a large portion of what I smoke so I always want those giant nugs.
  8. Well i didn't mean baby sized nugs, just average size ones, should of worded that better. But if you use the stems to make stuff i guess theres no loss for you :) but if you don't then a good portion of your weight is that stem in your big nug. Everyone prefers different things :smoke:
  9. BABY DRO all the way man.
  10. I see what you are saying. But I've had a 22 gram bud and it was beautiful.
    I have ground up an eighth(3.5) of kinda small buds and weighed it after at 3.2 when I also had a 3.5 with a .7 stem eyeballing
  11. I agree completely. The big nugs are gorgeous and who wouldn't want that? But i'm just basing my decision of efficiency. I think i get my moneys worth with smaller/medium sized nugs rather than large ones with huge stems. If I had the money to blow to pick up a QP every month I would definitely prefer larger nugs. Cause thats a fuckin QP....
  12. Small nugs. Less stem like you said.
  13. ^^damn brah ur puttin that dude's shit on blaaasstt! lol your like everywhere with that joke tonite!:smoke:
  14. Honestly, It doesn't make a difference besides adding a bit of weight ( MASSIVE STEMS DAWG )

    Big nugs - Look amazing and are just pure temptation,

    Small nugs - Nice , dense, and barely any stem at all, but less bud. So Honestly...

  15. i like small nugs, got an eighth one time and it must have been 50 small little nugs,. and im not talkin little nugs like you get from shake or whatever they legit looked like big nugs got shot with a shrink ray! it was sick because i could grind up like 4 nugs, and split some bowls with some friends and have used like .3 ahhaha
  16. Baby dro made my night.

  17. Sharing it once per thread is enough though

    Personally I like big nugs, I know they have bigger heavy stems, but I just love the look of a huge nug in a bag, breaking it up, grinding it
  18. Stems weigh virtually nothing.
  19. [quote name='"Snowman00"']I prefer "baby dro"..[/quote]

    Haha, that one thread set everything off. I perfer big nugs but I understand wat your saying.
  20. I like big nugs, but i love popcorn buds in my bags, you know it's good kush then :)

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