Big leavers twisting and dying

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    Hey everybody. I'm have been trying to identify what if affecting my plants, especially one (pic1-3 "plant1") - I've read the guides and I'm guessing its nutrient burn (to high dose of nutrients) however would like to get it confirmed from some more experienced growers. The plants are 5 weeks into flowering, under a 600hps lamp about 20-25 cm away from the plants, used to be closer like 10 cm but was anxious it might be heat stress. One plant especially is becoming damaged with yellow spots and curling upwards turning brown on several places, that plant is of the sort called "pure power" I have 3 others of same sort and they ain't damaged. I did look for spider mites etc. however couldn't see any. If this is a nutrient burn I simply water with plain water the upcoming week right? I'm worried because the plants have stopped growing and doesn't smell as much any more : ( .

    I'm happy for any thoughts.
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