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  1. sprouted june 6th.

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  2. Looking good. Maybe hang that thermometer/hygrometer up at the height of the top of your plants.
  3. Hey thanks for the input! I actually have two in my tent lol one low and one higher that you cant see in the pic! But thank you for commenting!
  4. very nice! hope you're flowering soon! they gonna be huge!
  5. I am planning to start flowering in 3 days!
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  6. start a journal. i'm 2 weeks into flower and loving life!
    here's mine
  7. I have to figure out how to do that lol just joined this site. New to it all
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  8. How do you link it like you did?
  9. i just went to the page and used the iphone copy link button.
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  10. Thanks
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