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big favor, morning glory seeds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BrassMonkey81, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. ok, i know how most places coat their seedshells with a chemical that will make you sick, is it possible to break off the seed casings and eat just the embryo of the plant, or is there psychoactive matter in the shell. i know this is a bad area to post this, but this area's accessed alot, and i just want someone to answer me, so sorry mods ,you should let this slide till i get an answer
  2. Wash the seeds off, put them in a pitcher with water and stir, then repeat 3 times and you're good.
  3. The seeds you buy have to have a mark on the package that says they use pesticides. A brand I know is okay is "Ed Hume" or whatever. None of their seeds are treated with pesticides or anything.
  4. dude fuck em get shrooms i tried it twice first time i didnt soak, nothing happend, second time i soaked them for a day and tried them one night, threw them all up.
  5. You have to eat 7 grams of seeds to trip.

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