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Big Fat Blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by FlyAssGary, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Ok so I'm gonna buy like 3 grams (and whatever we get tossed extra) today and try and roll it all into one blunt or joint or something.

    Should I just go with a big ole fatty, a cross joint, or something else?

    Am I gonna be wasting weed? I'm trying to smoke out like 4 other dudes.

    Also, I'm new to the forum.:wave:
  2. welcome! its a good community. and yea, if your gonna roll up today use a bLunt wrap. or crack a cigar, white owls are good. i do like the games though.... well i guess i just love bLunts hahaha. enjoy!
  3. Sounds like a waste.

    I can make three grams last a week.

  4. Ha, all we smoke out of are green games. I'm not really one to be specific about the dutchy we use. although 3 grams could last a week, I don't get to smoke often because my circle is down state from me, and I've just really wanted to smoke a big fat blunt just for the fuck of it.
  5. That's a waste. You need atleast 7 grams in that stogies *****
  6. such a waste you can roll 3 blunts with that. theyll last as long as the one 3g blunt and get you so much higher:hippie:
  7. i usually roll about 3 grams in my joints ... i'm not sure why you want to go the blunt route. i usually use twice as much smoke for a blunt.
  8. wait...how does smoking 3gs get you higher than smoking... 3gs?
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    One method of smoking can get u higher than another. I.E. bong vs pipe. Bong is much higher with less hits
  10. yea but that guy was talking three bLunts with 1g each gets you higher than one bLunt with 3gs... the only differenece i guess is the amount of wrap your inhaling haha
  11. Would you inhale less wrap if you put it all in one?
  12. if i'm smoking with a bigger group of people i like to stick together two swisher and have a double long blunt. i think 3 grams would be good for that

  13. What weighs more. A pound of feathers or a pound a shit?

  14. yea...that would be two less bLunt wraps used in the same sitting
  15. nah thats a waaaste! roll a decent gram blunt, and then smoke them out 2 more bowls. then youll have bud to do it again later :smoke:
  16. buddy this is my experience no need to get all upset since you dont understand me.

    all i was saying is that if you smoke one fatass blunt it tends to burn as quick as 1 normal size blunt. so theoretically you get more hits if your smoking 3 blunts.

    chill bro im not stupid:smoke:
  17. Roll a fat one with a blunt wrap, or two smaller but still fat ones with a regular cigarillo.
  18. Lol. "Am I wasting weed". What do you expect, it's a blunt.
  19. Roll 3 1G blunts. Trust me, light one, pass it around in a hurried fashion, light another, repeat, light the last. You'll get way more hits per each of you then one blunt. With one fat blunt, you aren't smoke all the THC off the bud. Maybe 50% of your bud is going to waste. But if you smoke a little bit just blunt my blunt you'll get way higher. Trust me.
  20. Roll as many blunts as you can.

    Smoke them back to back.

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