big decision needed..grow room or growlab 60?

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  1. Hello, guys! I'm a first time grower and I have a big decision to make. I have to choose whether I should grow in the grow lab60 2' x 2' x 5'3 or a spare room in my basement 6' x 10' (rough estimate give a take a few inches) My spare room in the basement would need a lot of work. I have to clean it real good. There is some mold. I would also have to paint the walls white since they are purple. (sisters old room) I know it would take some time, but time and money is not an issue. However, I want to do this correctly. So I'm trying to take every precaution that is needed. So my question remains. Should I keep it simple and use the grow lab 60 or should I invest in some time and effort for a my spare room since its a bigger grow area. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy growing! ​

  2. grow in the room.. the basement will be easier to keep temps low... but you have to be able to remove the hot air from the grow space...

    if you have mold in your house you need to clean it anyway... mold is bad and toxic for humans... wash the floor with 10% bleach solution and paint everything you can with kilz paint.. its cheap and will stop future mold growth on the walls

    if you have some extra cash line the walls with mylar... and figure out your ventilation... the just add a light and figure out hydro or soil...

    undercurrent system FTW
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    yeah, thanks for the imput dude. Yeah luckily there is only a little mold but the whole room is getting a good cleaning. I never heard of this killz paint. thats whats up :hello: I know all about the mylar. My plan was to paint the walls white and throw some mylar up. Ventilation shouldn't be a problem. There is a small window inside the room. I plan on growing in the soil since its a lot easy for a newb grower like myself.

    Any suggestions on how many plants i could fit into a space like this?

    as far as lights go, I plan on using metal halide during the veg stage and hps during flowering. I'm still not sure on the wattage tho. any suggestions? thanks again and happy growing homie!
  4. you could put a 1000 watts in there real easy... or maybe two 600's...

    you could jam a shit ton of plants in there... but its always best to have a little breathing room... if this is your first grow, just start with fewer plants and work your way up.. maybe start with eight or so

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