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big chritians okay wiith the plant?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iTOKE719, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I recently had to move to alabama where i sstarted attending community college in the fall but i could only take one class which limited me to meet more people easier well anyway ive found that they dont take weed lightly here and most people are really religous and not to many fall under the typical stoner look but i met a cool dude and i know he dosnt smoke but he told meone of his friends did or someone he knew maybe but since i dont know anyone i dont wana ruin a friendship by asking him if he knows anyonethat could hhelp me if he decided to hate me haha idk? can someonehelp please and thank you
  2. Doesn't hurt to ask. Fuck him if the friendship is ruined because of a little weed, I'm sure there are plenty of stoners in alabama.

    I fuckin' hate religious nuts (I'm agnostic)
  3. yeeeah man your right ill probably ask him but i know what you mean but to each his own i think it just wird cuz he said he got arrested for public intoxity and was in jail for 10 hours and now all the sudden hes a follower and doesnt even rap about things e use to wtf haha
  4. hahahaha thats sick
  5. I'm kinda christian I guess. I don't go to church but I believe in a possible god, and god created every plant and animal, and every one of us in his image. clearly, if weed was ~a sin~ or whatever, god wouldn't have given it to us!
  6. There is NOTHING in the bible that says you cant smoke pot...
  7. Have you ever read Job? Clearly God just likes fucking with people so leave it to him to tempt the ever-living-daylights out of you.

  8. I don't believe in any god(s) but I still see that ^^ problem with people that are anti-weed and Christian... Many times they try to bring up the whole forbidden fruit story, has God ever said NOT to smoke marijuana or even anything close to that? They also bring up the fact that it's a sin to "break" the law. Last time I checked GOD makes the laws so....
  9. I believe most Christians are against the green herb because of the negative connotation, and the lies that the general population believes about pot these days. I used to be anti-pot based on the lies told by government, not my faith or religion. I dove deeper into the Bible, read, studied, and came to the conclusion that I wouldn't be doing anything wrong by trying weed. Then after I did try it, I think it actually helped me as a person, and it helped me to get closer to God. So I think the plant had a positive effect in my life, and I'm a Christian too, but what works for me, might not work for you!
  10. If you know someone that isn't okay with what you love to do, but he is still yer "friend", that's not what I consider a healthy relationship. Fuck him.

    If he is gonna be closed minded about it, that's not good either. He could not support it, but still support you.

    P.S. I'm not sure if any of that made sense to you, if not, sorry.
  11. There was not one period in the post...

  12. to eat for food and to smoke to get high is a pretty big difference, though. i don't believe in god but if he is real i don't think he wants us getting high. he said do not be drunk with wine and to me that means you shouldnt be high either. he says you should not expose yourself to anything inordinary because to do so is giving evil a passageway to your mind.

    but hey, i get high everyday so...
  13. Moses was on shrooms
  14. Sorry Bro. I was using my phone who the fuck cares period
  15. America is for some reason a Christian nation, and Christians sure love to uphold their laws. I'm willing to bet Christians in Amsterdam don't give 2 shits what plants people choose to ingest.

  16. Which is what my largest beef with Christianity is. The Bible (IMO) is just full of bullshit that a bunch of (possibly high) people wrote and now people put their own spins on shit making it the biggest clusterfuck of stupidity know to man.
  17. Yup, thats part of my main beef as well. Religion as a concept is fine, I don't see the harm in a global message of peace and understanding, but people take their religion too seriously. When you start telling others about their eternal damnation in hell because they don't believe the same book as you, well thats just ignorant. People accept what the church and the government says because its all part of a plot to enslave the people and get them to stop thinking for themselves.

    fuck. that. shit. period
  18. Well here's the low down kiddies.


    War brings out the money and powerful feeling a country needs to be a strong governmnet ran asylum.

    Actually forget that last paragraph, I'm high and it sounds right, but i have a feeling that sentence sounded really idiotic.

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