Big bust in okanagan

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Alrex, May 5, 2011.

  1. Did it belong to anyone on here? Sorry to hear! Wow

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  2. damnnnn that sucks!
  3. damn thats alkota money
  4. god damn motherfuckin prohibition :(
  5. Lol...75 and 78 year old..
  6. I'd be absolutely sick. I assume they've been at this the majority of their lives and it all comes crashing down like that. Woof.
  7. 2.2 million my ass. 2200 plants at by the looks of em about 20 grams a piece works out to about 98 lbs at the wholesale price of $1700/Lb is about $168,000 CAD. I love law enforcements inflated "street value" estimates. Look good on the front page though I guess and make it look like the money they wasted on the investigation was worth while. By the looks of the helicopter on site they've been zipping across the border with duffel bags full for years. 168K is no skin off their backs. Thank god they didn't find the millions of dollars burried on the property. That woulda hurt.
  8. From that picture those werent the happiest looking plants, no way could they get that much street value
  9. I live der man didn't know them though and a lot of people grow in the Okanagan in the rich areas and they huge, most industrial though.

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