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  1. well just in case anyone would like to know all my 4 girls are now 4 women i cant believe how big the main bud @ the top is already i would love 2 no how long its in flower before i cut the feed i could be doing with some info please also are you better of cutting the hole plant or i read start @ the top the wait a bit then down lower ECT are they any benefit in this.also should my focus be on the main top bud as i take it that's where the name big bud came from as i have seen some very big bud plants on line? if you have grown this seed before can you tell me what bit of the plants white widow comes in as i don't see any white over it.any advise would be great thanks.

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  2. Check the trichomes with 30x Magnifier.

    If the trichs are clear they aren't ready.
    When 90% of the trichs are cloudy and 10% amber the buds are ready.
  3. ju blaze the thing up ber

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