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  1. We are only 23 days away from the start of season 15. I don't know if anyone else is a BB fan but personally I cannot wait for it to start.  With all the changes this season I am excited to see where it goes and the longer game "season" will be a nice change. Anyone else a BB Fan?

  2. What are they implementing for changes? I'm excited as always.
  3. I watch dexter.
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    Big Brother After Dark will be airing on TV Guide Network instead of Showtime. And the Live Feeds are changing hosts from Real Player to CBS (I believe).  Here's an estimated timeline for the season information.
    Here is a list of all of the preseason events we know so far for the 2013 season. For any unknown dates we'll try to estimate based on past season's information. We'll continue to update and post links and new dates as information becomes available.
    Big Brother 15 Roadmap to the Premiere:
    • Big Brother Live Feed Early Bird discount starts â€“ TBD
    • Big Brother Media Day – June 10
    • Big Brother Press Interviews – June 18
    • Big Brother 15 cast revealed – June 20*
    • Big Brother 15 HG enters the house – June 22*
    • Big Brother 15 premiere on CBS – June 26 @ 9PM ET/PT
    • Big Brother Live Feeds turn on – June 26 @ 10PM PT (BBT)
    • Big Brother After Dark premieres on TVGN â€“ June 27 @ 12AM ET/PT
    • *Dates estimated based on past seasons' timelines.
    The Big Brother episodes schedule will feature broadcasts this season on Sundays @ 8PM ET/PT, Tuesdays @ 9PM ET/PT, and Wednesdays @ 9PM ET/PT. The Wednesday episodes will move up an hour to the 8PM timeslot starting July 17, 2013.
  5. Ah nice I can't wait! Should be good as always, do we know anything about the cast? I'm hoping it's either all new people or all-stars 2.
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    Well "The Big Brother fan page on Facebook stated that half of this year's houseguests will be above the age of 35 and half under 28. It also said that there will be no returnees this season. One rumor claimed that there will be 18 houseguests. Neither CBS nor the show has officially confirmed either piece of information." 
    So if that is correct it seems like an age thing with all new people. But who knows they could throw returnees in there like they did as coaches last season or something. Expect the Unexpected.
  7. Man, some sort of age battle would be cool! Maybe have the house split into teams? Ah man I'm pumped lol 18 is a lot of house guests too eh?
  8. Yeah I wonder if they are making a play on the 100 days of summer or maybe the show will actually be 100 days long. We can only wait and see. For now I shall hope for new rumors soon!
  9. Looks like CBS opened the sign ups for the live feeds. You can get them 20% off until June 25. I believe it's worth the investment but only if you have the time to watch the feeds otherwise its not. I've enjoyed it the past few years and am excited to see how CBS will handle it this year.
  10. Live feeds have opened with some content.  Nothing but some summaries of memorable moments but we should see releases about the house and other information from media day by June 21.
  11. excited for this to come back !
  12. honestly what is the point of this show alll it is is stupid reality tv which showcases nothing but moronic competitors and even more moronic producers who only want sex lies and bullshit. can you explain the benefit of this show to me because all i see is fucking idiocracy of television, and i don't mean to be an ass i just don't understand why some one would watch this horse shit. Even if it is coated with hot chicks.
  13. Cast has been released today and looks like we will have some fun.

    Rachel's sister will be planning the game this summer.  And it looks like we have a Pizza Delivery stoner in the cast as well.  
    Only 6 more days!
    The point of the show is to win the game.  There is a ton of strategy and intelligence that goes into winning Big Brother.  Yes, there are some people, usually at the beginning, who are as you describe moronic competitors.  But when it gets down to the real winners there is some merit to playing your way through a summer of Big Brother.
  14. Not sure if anyone is paying attention to this thread but figured I'd let people know that the first episode is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8PM.  Here's to a great summer of humor, betrayal and Julie Chen.
  15. today today today !
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    [quote name="Do The Dramatic" post="18263488" timestamp="1372257971"]today today today ![/quote]Less than 12 hours to be exact. Been reading up on hamster watch and twitter all morning getting ready for the premiere.
    Im sorry but you are inadvertently becoming more stupid by watching bullshit tv like this. Its as if you are watching Jersey Shore or The Kardashians, complete waste of time and meant to make you a lesser human being.
  18. I appreciate your opinion and understand why some may not enjoy the show. But they are on the 15th season so something must be working.
  19. Not sure I like the idea of 3 nominees a week, it would be fine if America wasn't voting to give power. No way America will vote based on how well the game has been played, it's just going to be popularity. 
    Glad they didn't bring back previous houseguests though. 
    Yeah, I don't like Rachel's sister though and cannot believe that McCrae won HoH.  I have the feeds and heard Spencer and some of the girls talking about "candy" (a nickname they used for marijuana).  It should be an interesting season.

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