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    Guys how long does it take to harvest bigbang auto from germination?
    My big bang germinated on 20 Oct but still. It's nt ready, the nugs r still small ?
  2. Well, what's the breeder say? What color are the trichomes? Were not doing all the work for you for fuck sakes. I'm betting its between 60-80 days from seed.
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    Bro the nugs r small n the trichomes r white n going dark ,
    I got the seeds from green house seed company n it say 6 week flowering . So

    Bro yes my bigbang auto is exactly 75 days and I am also growing ur fav strain 3 jack herer they r in day 32 flowering .
  4. Thanks:) your probably not gonna get a lot. Autos have a short life and a short veg time. You need lots of lights and really good soil not to mention you gotta feed them a bit heavy to get a decent yield. What was your setup?
  5. 16 sqft
    400 watts hps
    3 85 watts clf
    Intake n out take exhaust fan
    Oscillation fan
  6. Let me post big bang pic for u
  7. What light cycle did you run?

  8. image-2773190277.jpg

    Bigbang auto day 74


    Big bang auto same plant
  9. 19/5 for 7 weeks n then 12/12day 31
  10. That's brutal man. I don't even know what to say about that. With autos you can run 24 hours for the whole grow, or at least 18 since it flowers automatically. That might have boosted the yield. But tbh, it may have been genetic. Nodes are far apart and you have popcorn nugs. Got any more beans? Maybe you got a shitty phenotype.
  11. I grew their jack herer and it looked great. But damn man. I'm sorry. You should take 2 of those cfl's and make a box and start a mother plant and do a perpetual grow with clones.
  12. Yea couldnt tell you whats wrong with it, i grew my Auto Pounders and Auto Skunk Mass's in 65-72 days and yielded from an ounce to ounce and a half!
  13. Here are my auto flowers, The first 3 pics are of my Auto Pounder and the Purple one is my Auto Skunk Mass both from Advanced Auto seeds.

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