Big Ass Water Pipes

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. Where d'ya think I can get a really BIG accrylic bong from on the net or in the UK? I saw one for 8 foot but it wasn't from a company that I think look trustworthy... hmmm... The reason I am asking this is that I recently met a new hook up for ganj and it's party season... hahahahahahahaha..... Oh yes... If I can get a big ass bong that breaks down into three or so peices... I am a happy assed bitch who's going out to buy a cheap long coat and some elastic...
  2. big toob?


    long coat?

    sounds sexual to me...
  3. no, dumbshit... take the elastic and the cheap coat and sew some elastic loops in it- a long coat cos the peices of bong are still gonna be big.. then put peices of bong in elastic in big coat... then walk around without an eight foot bong under ya coat to ya friend's party and have a GREAT time!!! With the bong being used to smoke pot (just so I can stop all that inuendo fom you again...)

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