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  1. What does the GC community think about two people being in a relationship, but one is 18 and the other is well into their 40's? I have my point of view, but I always like to hear the points of others about it. Right now I don't think it's not right to do, but they have the right to do what they want if that makes sense. I'm honestly though 50//50 on the situation. What's ya'lls opinion?
  2. that', a bit of a large gap. for my standards anyway. I dunno. Maybe the gap matters less as you get older but at 18 your still very young in comparison to a 40 year old.

    surely there would be differences....just seems a tad weird to me.
  3. Yeah I was reading in the news about that main character for Kick Ass. He is 19, dating the director for a pass movie he was in and is having a baby with her awhile planning a wedding,........I don't know seems to me like someone took advantage of the situation, but by all means he is the legal age I guess to do what he wants ,lol.
  4. haha weirdd i was jus watchn Friends and Phoebe's little brother who is 18 was dating the mom from that 70 show who is 40+.
  5. The 40 year old should know what he/she's getting into, as 18 year olds can be extremely indecisive (especially in this day and age). But if it's legal on the basis that 18 year olds are widely tolerated as adults, then it's the choice of those individuals.

    One shouldn't interfere with another's pursuit of happiness if it isn't destructive to another person.
  6. Who are we to judge. If they're both adults then Its all good. I hope to date and make love to an older woman at some point.
  7. They can do what they want, but it would have to be a helluva 18 year old if I was 40 unless I just wanted sex and attention.
  8. If she was sexy I'd fuck the shyt outta her, I wouldn't give a fuck about her age

  9. This applies to so many aspects of life in general. Thank you for saying it.

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