Big 4 Bud x White Widow, 1 Diesel, 1 Automatic Fruit

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  1. Hey dudes been looking on here for bout a year now and have finally decided to post lol. At the moment i have the 6 plants mentioned in title and all have been veging now for around 4 weeks (excluding 2 weeks germination etc.) As i am not the most experienced grower any feedback is welcome, my main question however was do you think they are big enough to flower? my yeild target is 1.5-2 ozs (not the autoflower that came free so just thought why not chuck it in there).

    Setup: 10 litre pots
    Royal Mix soil
    600w lumatek dimmable light
    gow tent 1.2x1.2x2.0
    Biobizz Bloom n Grow nutes

    The two plants in the centre are the autoflower (front) and diesel (back). As you can see the diesel is the only savita dominant plant so i topped it about two days ago to try and keep it at a lower height. The two pots on each side are the BBXWW.

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