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  1. Anybody ever seen these? They're Bic lighters, but they're sort of in between a mini and a regular size. My buddy just gave me one, it's now my favorite lighter.

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  2. Never seen one before. I'd try it
  3. Is it also the same oval shape? It looks slightly more squared in order to have a greater capacity for gas.
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    The sides are flat rather than curved how they are on regular bics, if that's what you mean. I equate them to taller, more square mini bics. The gas button is also blue instead of red, but that's obvious from the picture lol

    Edit: I'm gonna get a pic comparing it to a regular bic
  5. Looks like one of them cheap imitation (sp) bic. Imo
  6. Looks... Like a lighter. I personally have never seen, or owned a "favorite lighter". As long as it's not one of those janky gas station freebies, or a torch lighter, and my hemp wick is wrapped around it, I'm happy.
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    Here it is compared to a regular bic.

    I was just asking if anyone had ever seen/used these, because i've never seen one before. It's cool to me cause it's different I guess.

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    Or them cheap crack lights with the huge flame. I hate them.
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    That's what I meant by "janky freebies". Our gas stations and tobacco shops at home throw those trash ass things in with almost every purchase. If they don't completely fall apart, the flame is still a bitch to control. (Stupid flame control slider)
  10. They look, when compared to the normal Bic, like they are designed to fit easier into small pockets, cigarette packs, etc. Maybe I'm wrong...

    But hey, can't complain about a free lighter!
  11. It's probably because the orginal bic is also very aesthetic and pretty much a marketing icon. This new one looks like they're trying to make it slightly smaller and more portable, but they had to change the shape so the customer gets a bit more fuel. But at the same time they're saving money on not filling these as full of butane or using as much overall material.
  12. I still prefer my big bic. Not a fan of the mini bic's tho, I think its cuz I lose them way too easy.
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    True dat. I wanna see the price of these. Almost guarantee they are over $1, which would warrant me to just get a regular Bic.
  14. I just get regular bic's, like normal people. A lighter is a lighter.
  15. I love my normal bic as well, but sometimes I like the lighters with electronic ignition. Especially when they add some LED lights, I'm a sucker for pretty LED's. I guess it's the raver within me that cant stay away from colorful flashy lights.
  16. At least you're keeping it in the Bic family. I'd hate to be a fanboy but bic lighters are the only lighters that seem to last for me.
  17. Cool man, I've never seen one of those before. I usually use Djeeps.
  18. crAcK LIghT3rs all dAY NIGGUH!

  19. try a clipper. replaceable flint (with poker on the bottom. freakin awesome) and refillable. if you dont lose it, it could literally be the last lighter youd ever need
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    I've always wanted to try a clipper, I can never find em though.

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