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BHO torch

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by GLKmiester, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. should work fine, im not too sure about using the attachments like an herb iron would be sufficient, it would probably cool down too fast.
  2. herb irons wont work,

    that torch will be fine, but i use a normal propane torch with a head attachement, heats way faster as its a bigger flame
  3. Thanks guys.
  4. yea if you have a propane torch those are sick. heat up really fast. I have one at home that I use but otherwise at school I got a butane torch for like $30 from bed bath and beyond and it has been serving me well
  5. Use a nice butane torch like a vector torch. it uses 5 time refined butane so that no metals/whatnot found in lower quality gases get on your nail. my local headship sells torches that use this that can heat my glass nail in <10seconds for $20 and butane for $5. lasts around 3 weeks of daily dabbing
    that being said, for group events i bring a fatboy torch to get the job done over and over
  6. Get a propane torch from the hardware store. Propane is virtually pollutant-free.
  7. I bought a propane torch. It works great.
  8. has anyone used mapp gas with their torch? I use it for sweating copper, it burns hotter than propane but don't know if it would be ok for dabs...
  9. ^^ i use it for dabs, works fine.
  10. Facepalm alert.

    You don't use propane on the titanium. I can't quote the websight directly but it says butane only, the only difference is that was for a skillet/dome website.

    That's the exact same torch I have btw, got it for $30 at Ace Hardware.
  11. I think it would probably cool down too fast. \t\t
  12. Check the blazer bigshot. It uses butane but it holds like 10x the butane. I only refill it every couple of days and it cherries the nail in seconds :)
  13. I have a vector but why can't you use propane on titanium?

  14. i have that exact torch
    heats up a nail in about 20 sec
    im thinking about getting another torch just to see the difference
    but that torch will work fine

    and i actually just thought about using an attachment as a herb iron...still gotta try it out..i dont see why it wouldnt work tho..specially if u lock the flame and the tip stays heated
  15. Isnt it bad to use propane on titanium because it oxidizes and releases chemicals because propane burns at a higher temperature or something like that?

  16. ya ive read the same thing
  17. I have a vector and I grabbed it from Brothers with Glass, came with a free dabber too!
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