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BHO Syrup?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by backwoods_, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Trying to make some BHO syrup but I keep reading different things and not sure how to make it.
    I was hoping to just heat some corn syrup and stir in some BHO. Would that work?
    What other ways can I make a fairly easy THC infused syrup?
    Please help, I'm open to any tips or suggestions.
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    You might want to do a little decarb just to be certain it’s all activated. You can squeeze it out on silicone or bakers parchment to oven decarb, then stick it in the freezer to prevent waste.. it will peel off when cold as one piece. Then you could add a few drops of 190 proof clear to make it easier to disperse in your syrup mixture and/or heat your syrup slightly for even distribution of your mix. You absolutely want this well blended. I’m not Sam, but this is how I would do it. Lol
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  3. Would 99% iso work? 190 Proof alcohol is not available where I live. The closest was 151 proof and that was discontinued a couple years ago :/
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    You can skip the alcohol step or use just a few drops of high proof rum... nothing from your bathroom cabinets ever when for consumption. The point is to help with even distribution without overheating your syrup. For all cannabis concentrates for eating, your thinning agent has to be either food grade oil or drinkable alcohol. Btw you can use Log cabin syrup or any tasty table syrup. Once it’s decarbed it’s just common sense cooking.. :yay:
  5. the strongest I can get is only about 90 proof.. would that even work?
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    That would fine... higher proof are required for extraction from raw cannabis, but here you are just using as a thinning agent and should not reduce the total potency for the BHO. It’s already been extracted. I used 190 proof ever clear since I keep on hand for all my cannabis chemistry.
  7. how much should I use exactly? Like 5ml in 120ml of syrup? or less..?
  8. Also.. how hot does it have to be? I'd assume I don't want to completely boil it?
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    Depends on how much and how potent your BHO is and how strong you want the syrup to be. Total mg of thc divided by ml of syrup will tell you how much thc is in each ml of syrup.
  10. Say if you have 500 mg of thc in your BHO and add 100 ml of syrup, then each ml would have 1/2 mg of THC. Most people use pretty good bit of syrup so would kick butt... lol
  11. Purpose of heat is just for complete blending.... do not boil since you have already decarbed and will just reduce potency. Let me know how this worked out for you, my chemistry is correct I think.
  12. I meant the amount of rum..
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    On the rum I would use just enough to dissolve you BHO thin enough to mix with the syrup. Use low heat while mixing the thinned BHO with the syrup. Alcohol will mostly evaporate when added to the warming syrup, so very little taste change.
  14. We probably should have moved this to the edibles forums.. lol

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