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BHO/QWISO question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by EuDxKing, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Well ive been making QWISO quite frequently, so i decided to invest in a bell and TI pad, which is by far a much better way to use the QWISO.
    I usually run about 1/4 oz of some nice heady nugs.
    Ive been thinking for a while, if i should also invest in a solid oil dish, and start making BHO, i hear that it tastes a bit better, but i havent heard any thing about quality, people say that they are close to eachother, if i'm not mistaken.
    But i'm wondering would it be a more wise investment for me to begin making BHO?
  2. bho>>>>>>>>>>>>> qwiso

    the yield is a bit less, but more pure
  3. I personaly think qwiso is better than BHO, mainly because I dont risk the chance of blowing up when I make it and if you dont purge the bho right there could still be some butane in it
  4. when making BHO try ordering ultra refined butane online it cuts it a lot better and the taste...mmmmm cant explain great its about 70-90$ for a box of 12 online but worth it
  5. Thats a bit too rich for my blood.
    it costs me enough as it is to buy the bud to make qwiso, having to buy the butane at prices like that, would take too much cash.
    I'll probably just stick to QWISO then, and try and get the technique absolutely perfect.

    One other concern is getting a sufficient oil dish. Ive seen people with countless tiny dishes by various glass blowers, and ive always wondered where to get one.
    I try looking at local headshops, ive tried searching, even on other forums, but i can never seem to find them, ive even looked on other glass art stores. If any one knows about where/how to get a nice dish, i would really appreciate it.
    the dish i'm talking about is like this

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