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BHO questions. I'm kind of lost.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 452289, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. So i have a half ounce of some VERY good bud, and i just bought an extraction tube and some vector butane oil but the simplicity of the bho extraction process seems too simple to be true.
    Can anyone give me some good tips or anything on this to improve my yeild? should the bud be bone dry? how many ounces of butane per half ounce? and how much oil would i get from this dank half o? Sorry if this is in the wrong place, i didn't know where else to put it! also if anyone could link me to some good bho extraction recipes i'd greatly appreciate it!:D:smoke:
  2. Just think about it like this man. You wanna use the least amount of butane possible to strip it of the good stuff. Using more might get you more yeild, but it might be less potent. You want your oil to be a nice yellow that ends up all waxy and shit when you stir it around w/ a toothpick as it solidifies.

    edit: also please do the shit outside or something and don't smoke or light anything, or grill any food nearby while spraying a can of butane.
  3. My buddy usually uses 1 can of Vector per quarter of dank.

    He has an extraction tube made of pvc pipe and coffee filters.
    Just two pyrex dishes, one filled with hot water (not completely sure the temperature he uses, but he does use a certain temperature), and the other is where the hash is made, which sits in the dish filled with water. Just make sure that your extraction tube is airtight and the weed is filled to the top. He usually just chops up the weed with scissors. After you run the butane through the weed, you'll have to purge it for awhile to get all the butane out, and this is done by "whipping" your product after scraping it with a razor from the pyrex dish. Good hash usually turns out a peanut butter color, or a golden color. One hit gets you blazed for hours.
  4. youtube it dude me n my freinds did this over the summer. sorry im not good at explainin umm 1st u should probly do it outside alrite feel da tube wit ur bud ours we grinded alot was shake anyways have 2 pyrex dishes 1 bigger than the other um da lil 1 your going to use 4 da bho so do wen you squirt dat shit out put it in da lil 1 wen ur done have da bigger pyrex glass filld with a lil bit of hot water enough dat da bottom is covered then put da dish wit da bho on da 1 wit water let it sit 4 a bit idk how long 4got then scrape with a razor something like that
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    I think its 5g out of 1 zip of dank bud. Yeh ytube gots alot of vids on there..

  6. way too much butane. a can of vector is good for an ounce
  7. i make bho weekly. i usually yield 1 gram of oil per 7 grams of dank. and i use a can of butane an oz. its pretty easy.
  8. Yeah i did youtube but i don't like going simply by video with no readable instructions. So i should use about half of this vector can for my half correct? 320 ml is 10 ounces so yeah :p also the weed is somewhat moist, not extremely moist but its noticeable as you break it up wondering if this is an issue concerning my yield? and of course im doing this outside. and i don't think your friend should be using pvc pipe lol...
  9. Also, is there any other way to make it more managable after youve burnt all of the tane away? I've heard adding a bit of keif would make it less sticky?
  10. i let it get bone dry, i honestly dont think it matters though. as long as its not fresh.

  11. Just curious, does that gram last as long as the 7 grams of bud would last you? or do you find yourself smoking it more? and what do you suggest for concentrates? a swing? Ti? hand vape with healthstone shit? which gives you the most bang for your buck would you say?
  12. Good question that shit is sticky as fuck. Toothpicks are no good.
  13. it really depends on my schedule. but i made 1.8 grams of it last me a whole month one time smoking only that one chunk of bho lol so it just depends on how and how much you like to smoke. and i have a vapor dome. you cant really go wrong with any of those.

  14. Thank you kind sir, you've really helped me out :) well off i go to make some oil haha wish me luck!
  15. no problem fellow blade :wave: good luck and happy toking :smoke:
  16. Fresh to 1 week old BHO should get you good on 1-2 hits. It should last if you make small quantities. As it decarboxylizes, you'll need upwards of 3-4 hits per session per head
  17. To anyone experienced in this. Its been sitting in water for about 10 or 15 minutes now and its stopped bubbling. Theres only those bubbles that havent changed for about 5 minutes. do you guys suggest popping these bubbles with a lighter? ive read somewhere that it helps get all of the butane out
  18. 9.2 grams and i got a 1.2 return after my first run :)

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