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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bho Master, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. http://[​IMG] ... This was made with 10 gs of Machine Head [​IMG] and 4 gs of Romulan [​IMG] .. I ran half a can of vector and vac purged with a brake bleeder to a mason jar . I heated on a heat plate around 120 f . And re vac purged 5 times it goes to -25hg or whatever it is .. Anyone experienced have an opinion .. Do not want the opinion of a non hash master plz .
  2. Username to post content ratio, lol

    Also, make the images smaller
  3. Yep looks like hash to me, I'm not a hash master though, just a stoner. If it gets ya high and the bud was good then by principle shouldn't the hash be good? :)
  4. It is good but any hash can be better .. But my yield was depressing only got 2.1 i normally get like 2.8< with 14 gs .. But it smells and taste amazing
  5. Hmm well you're not ever gonna do something perfect, practice makes perfect in this case. Just keep makin hash I'm sure with time you'll get it down. Like I said I have little to no experience in hash though :p
  6. Make the images smaller, people don't even want to read your thread let alone help you when it looks like that ..
  7. What I'm saying is, your username would imply that you are very well experienced in making BHO and should be the one dishing out the advice. Instead, you are posting a thread asking for advice.

    As for the second statement, I think it's pretty self explanatory. Make the images smaller.
  8. Personally I like the larger images if they're high quality, I don't have to open them seperately then :p and those are quality pics, people are so fuckin picky.
  9. Ok sorry can u tell me how to change the size so it won't upset u .haha I see what you are saying but I'm sure there is someone better then a master and I need to talk to him or her
  10. I think the picks are fine too but I'm on a ipad so idk what a computer screen would look like
  11. I have a huge monitor so maybe its not a problem for me, I had to scroll sideways about a centimeter to read all the text, dragging a mouse is to big of an ordeal for most :(
  12. Jeez how many threads are you gonna make of this?
  13. Oh, and this too lol
  14. 420 or I dab myself to sleep hahaha

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