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  1. First sorry if I put this in the wrong section, I'm new here. Now onto my main question. I'd like to start bho extraction. I know the basics do it outside away from flames protect your hands from the cold and all that. So my question is I saw this mini extraction tube a handheld one about the size of a lighter and could fit 1.5 to 2g and yielded about .2 to .4 which I'm okay with because It's for personal medicinal use. I was wondering where could I find one of these mini tubes I really want one but can only seem to find pictures of them online. I'll attach an image of an idea of what I'm looking for. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1423177727.351553.jpg
    Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. I foresee a large fireball in your future.
  3. I would get a 6-pack of small borosilicate (pyrex) test tubes and a carbide-tipped drill bit. Bit is like $8, but once you get one you can make as many as you want, the tubes are mad cheap.
    Here's a source for the drill bits:
    Just match up a regular bit with the nozzle you'll be using and order that size.
    Test tubes can be bought anywhere, any size for crazy cheap. I've never used anything that small but this is what I'd do in your situation.
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    haha a buddy was moving recently and we found the old BHO tube we used years ago before this sort of stuff was really known or taking off. I mean it is a rather inefficient process but it does work. You are talking about blasting the flowers with butane and through a filter, right? Anyway never seen the small one, ours held about an ounce or more. Also do not forget to stir. 
    You could make one, it is not very complex. But yea it isn't something to be careless with as you know, people have burned their house down doing this. 
    I've spilled more than he'll be using just refilling my torches. Bottlecap or two at most, evaporates in seconds. Firecracker maybe, certainly not a large fireball.
  6. Thanks everyone, except for the fireball comment, I'm not dumb enought to use anything flammable near flames (commen sense .-.) but anyways I think I'll go with the test tube and drill bit method. I Don't grow I just buy so an ounce isn't economicsl for me about and 1/8 or 1/4 of med grade bud will do, I've read you get around a 10% yield of your input
  7. your yield can be anywhere from 5%-25% depending on quality. in my opinion instead of halfassing it ( no vac chamber, micro batches, and such) it would probably be better for you to just buy a half g of oil when you want some.
  8. If its for medicinal use I hope your vac purging before you smoke it
  9. I can't buy the oil because my dispensary is very new and only carries buds and edibles, they just opened up in October I think. But what's vac purging going to do? I mean I've seen videos and it seems like a real hassle and I know it can remove impurities but still that's a pretty big investment for a batch for myself, I could see if I was selling to my dispensary yeah definitely get one but for personal use? Can't be any worse than inhaling fumes from a lighter right?
  10. If your going to do a water bath for at LEAST a day or two for that small ammount, you might be good. But it seems like you just want a quick little blast, scrape and smoke. If you purge it out correctly and well enough you should be good with the medication you made, but if your half assing, blasting, quick water bath scrape and dab... your not using it as "medication" as you said its for, your using poison to your body.

    To me vac purging is the only way id feel comfortable shmokin me some bho I feel is clean. You dont NEED a vac to get nice bho in return, but Id rather.
  11. Well I haven't asked the dispensary in a while if they had wax concentrates but I just checked their website and they do! So I think I'm going to buy professionally made extracts.only problem is you can't buy less than a gram, but I'm okay with that because a gram is about $60 of about 73.???% (so we'll just say 73) thc and will last me a long time. I eventually would like to try to make my own maybe I'll buy all the things I need over time vac pump, chamber, tubes etc. and just stick to buying my waxes for now. Thanks for all the help everyone! Happy medicating!
  12. Sweet man! $60 is a little steep for my lint filled pockets, but if bho is new around there then understandable I did exactly that yo, I always wanted to make my own sooo bad, wayching bho scrapes on youtube was the ultimate teaser.. but I stuck to better dispensary bho until I got all the proper supplys to make that top shelf, clean, bomb BHO to puff
  13. but running 1.5g is?? :laughing:
  14. I may be too late. But if you just want small amounts of oil for yourself. Look up the Rosin Tech. Just need wax paper, heat, and pressure.

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    Its not wax paper, you want Parchment paper. The silicone on the parchment paper is able to take the heat and pressure, where as the wax paper cannot

    EDIT: sorry seen that and had to point it out even though I was out the door.

    But I do second trying to make Rosin if you are only after small personal amounts. Maybe not as efficient, but you dont have to worry about everything that goes with making proper BHO. Plus, you can keep the "chips" and do what ever you want with them. Smoke em(when you run low or out), cook with them, blast them, or even eat them. Last one not is more of a joke, but I have ate one and its not bad, honestly.

    Although I do believe you could use that to make small amounts, which should be easier to purge. I have no doubt that you could just use a water bath to purge that small of an amount. Now if you were making a larger amount, you might want to look into a vac setup.

    EDIT2: if IIRC, I know a guy who had a small little extractor like that. I think it was a Honeybee extractor, but its been a minute so I might be wrong.


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