BHO (buddered) turning darker over time?

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    Hey GC! So I've always noticed after a few days, my oil (well mostly buddered) turns darker than it was before? I always passed it off as "oxidation" or something like that lol. But now I'm curious for some real answers. (and I mean slight darkening, nothing major; just like light yellow turning to a more dark mustard)

    My oil is always (since I use the same strain usually) light brown/orange, and turns to a very yellowish budder when it budders, (it budders on my 3rd purge always)

    Has anyone else experienced their wax darkening over time?
  2. I've never noticed mine darkening, but I keep mine in airtight glass vials. How are you containing yours? Or are you containing it at all?
  3. possibly air bubbles coming out? are you using a vac to purge? pics maybe
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    I currently leave them on a little plate out in the open.
    (and no i don't have a vac purge yet :( )

    So here's some pics VVV

    Before purge:

    After purging and buddering:

    After two days in open air: (I should mention that the plate of wax sits under my light to make it easier to manage a lot of the time)

    After a week in open air:

    I'm assuming that it has to do either with sitting out in the open, or sitting under my light (which runs about 100 degrees directly underneath), or a combination of both lol.

    What do you all think? :smoke:

    PS-I make a batch every 2 days so I'm not too worried cuz it's all smoked by the time it becomes discolored; I just left a batch out for a week to confirm what I was seeing as well. I'm just wondering what it's being caused by haha.
  5. I noticed that as well since I let my oil sit uncovered in a dish. It has certainly gotten lighter as the days go on. I would assume that long term exposure to air may change something with the composition of the oil. Or I could just be seeing things! Lol
  6. well all your really doing when "buddering" your oil is whipping air into it to make it easier to manage. So I would assume that its just air escaping your budder or wax thats changing the color. I keep my wax on a piece of wax paper inside an airtight container and I haven't noticed this affect. But then again it's hard for me to make a batch of oil last a week:D
  7. Guess you should just smoke it faster :bongin:
  8. I'm going to guess that it's an effect of the light/heat produced by it.
  9. Budder degrades a lot faster than oil, hence the darkening. it Buddered because of too much heat, remember low and slow is always better. A lot of flavor terpenes will burn off after 130.
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    I do slow purges (literally like under 120); and I'm assuming that overall, it's discoloring from sitting in the open, and sitting under my bright desk-lamp (which i do to make it more "dabbable")

    But i definitely agree about budder degrading faster than oil, I guess I'mma have to just smoke it faster :hello:-->:smoke:
  11. I have seen light oils become darker as a result of whipping with a dirty/claimed dabber. Saw my buddies do it with their oils when visiting, just dabbed and went to whip oil with residuals left on the dabber.

    How do you purge? Just under your light and air? That looks good.

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