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  1. Any Battlefield 3 players out there?
  2. Always on the frontline on Metro,Bazaar,Epicentre with DANK in tail, hit me up if your on PS

    PSN Phenotype1
  3. Thinking of getting this for 360, idk tho really addicted to halo 4 atm
  4. I play on ps3. Check out my 1st knife montage. i used ElGato Game Capture. If you like tge video please press like and if you wanna see more please subscribe because there will be more. Thanks n hope ya'll enjoy the video.
  5. Pretty much the only game in my Xbox at all times
  6. 360 bf3. Love that game can't get enough of it!
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    I have it for ps3. Did you guys buy all the maps? I JUST got it and I had to pay for multiplayer content then I can't join any games because it says I don't have the content and I have to pay for that too
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    Yeah i have all map's, but i bought PREMIUM which meant when all the DLC came out i got them for nothing, but as i said PREMIUM cost me like 45 quid. If you have it PREMIUM, all that you need to do is, go to the ps store and download the add on maps from there.

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