Bf3: should i get aftermath or armored kill?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by StimulateMyMind, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. I'm downloading one of these tonight and not sure which one to get. I'm sort of leaning towards armored kill
  2. All depends on if you like/love vehicles or not ;)
  3. I only have aftermath. Its good. Gives you gun master which is fun af
  4. Save your $$ and get the Endgame expansion. Comes out in march.

    Has dirt bikes and air superiority
  5. None. Close Quaters is the best one
  6. close quarters was the worst shit excuse for an expansion ive ever seen.
  7. You're all wrong every expansion was so well done, i gotta give props to them for how they did it. Every expansion gives a different element and experience of war and they're fuckin sick. Get em all imo and you won't be disappointed at all...

  8. Why? Just because it has no vehicles? :laughing:

  9. what.

    dirtbikes? are you for real?

    jesus christ. if only my fucking xbox hard drive wasnt 20gb. shits to damn small for anything. i have no demos on it but with bf3 alone i can only download ONE dlc pack. GOD DAMNIT. i must get this

  10. Sticky situations like bubblegum
  11. yes if i wanted no vehicles id buy COD
  12. use a flash drive
  13. armoured kill FO SHO
  14. no if you wanted a poorly made game youd get COD

  15. oh shit you can do that?
  16. yup just plug it in the usb port
  17. 20 gb is enough for bf3 i have all expansions and patches and its only 12gb...
  18. he may have other dlc though..

  19. really? including the HD download? i probably have 1gb worth of other things but im at the point where i cant download anything on my xbox right now. i think i have 300mb free. ill check tonight
  20. Is it wrote it to get all the dlc now? Even the new one coming out?

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