bf3 rage

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  1. stop sucking so much dick random public people. u blow at repairing helicopters, and gunning in the attack helo. on the bright side u are very skilled at hitting my helicopter with UR rockets. fucking stop playing. bowl time.
  2. I think your typing is worse than some random person not repairing your helicopter.

  3. Thanks Professor Trees. Doctorate in grammar?

    atleast i can efficiently fly and repair my own shit if needed. Its a team game..
  4. This.

    and this.
    Some one rep this man
    thanks for the laughs:D :p:smoke:
  5. I just wish I had a rig that could run it
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    PS3 nuggahh!

    @rotties4ever thanks man. appriciate will return favor
  7. It's not nearly as good as I expected. Feels console-ish on the PC. The community isnt the same, no VOIP, etc.

    Just got Skyrim and I believe I will be playing the shit out of it :smoke:
  8. Game is dope but I agree people online are generally retarded. Like how hard is it to spot people for your teams fucking benefit.
  9. same bro skyrim is the shit, bf3 just didnt draw me in like bf2 or even bad company 2 did. and i built my rig in February for it too...

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