Beyond confused - Can someone help clear this up?

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  1. This is probably going to be long but here it is...

    There is a girl I'm very interested in but for some reason I am just unsure of where we are headed. I have a feeling it may just be that she does not have a ton of experience but I really have no idea

    We met about 3 1/2 months ago at a party. We talked for a little bit and her friends were leaving so she left. Didn't see her again for a couple weeks and then the next time I saw her, I watched her make out with another guy. This left me feeling a bit unsettled so I went over and started talking to both of them and got her to go get me a drink. The other guy left and we ended up talking for a bit and I kissed her and she asked for my number.

    We texted quite a bit over the next few months and when it was her birthday, just me and her went to a party but it sucked and we didn't really do much besides hold hands on the way home. This other girl pulled her away once we got back to the dorm and tried to set her up with this other guy. I kind of just gave up and went to chill with my friends who had just got back from a party.

    Anyways, we didn't really talk much for a bit. Then, I was at a party but my phone was dead. She had texted me asking if I was there, obviously I couldn't answer but she came anyways. She came with a different guy and danced with him for a little bit before she saw me and her face lit up and eventually ran away from that guy to go over to me. She apologized for ditching me her birthday night and we danced and made out all night, with her flat out rejecting the guy she came with and the guy her friend tried setting her up with on her birthday.

    It continued on the same way, we would talk once in a while and dance and make out at parties when we were both there. Then, about two weeks ago, I was thinking about asking her to be my date at my formal. The day I was going to ask her, I literally couldn't find her so I decided I'd wait until later that night since I wanted to ask her in person. Well, before I got a chance to ask her, that same friend as before set her up for the formal with a guy that didn't know her and that she didn't know. I figured I'd just stop wasting my time and not do anything about it and find another date.

    The next night, she texts me asking me to come to the dorm. I'd gone late to the party so I hadn't had very much to drink while just about everyone else was drunk so I decided why not. It turns out, she wanted to talk to me about the formal. She asked if I was going so I told her how I was going to ask her and she decided she was going to be my date no matter what and that we would both ditch our dates if we couldn't change it. She also apologized for dancing with a guy but that it was just as friends and he has a girlfriend. She also said she thought we should start talking to each other more again. By the end of the night, we were both pretty much sober and when I walked her to her room, before she went in, I said good night and kissed her and she had a huge smile on her face before going to bed.

    It was the same thing as usual at the formal. We talked for a while, danced, and made out. Then we decided to head back to the dorm and on our way back, she was telling me how creepy some guys were, it seemed like she was kind of implying that she liked that I wasn't like that. Neither of us had a lot to drink and after a little bit of just hanging out in her room, we went into her bed and did a bit of foreplay before she said she was tired and said she should probably go to sleep (she had a legitimate excuse, it was 4:30 and she had to wake up at 7:00 because she was getting picked up to go to the airport at 8). Although it wasn't much, I know for a fact that was further than she had gone with any guy at school and that she never even let other guys go into her room before. We spent the night together and in the morning I walked her to the car and we hugged before she left.

    Basically, I need some help defining what the relationship between us is and if there is potential for it to be an actual relationship. Friends at school always ask what is going on between me and her and I can never really give an answer because I'm just as confused. I think I just need someone else's point of view on this. If nothing changes, I'm going to ask her out on a date when we get back from break (not really possible right now due to the fact she lives 1,000 miles away and I'd like to avoid not asking her in person, although I could use what happened with the formal as a reason for not waiting?) Basically, if you actually read this, I really appreciate it and thanks in advance for any insight on this.
    P.S. Go ahead and call me a pussy, it's completely justified here haha
  2. Tl;dr

    This is a stoner forum so I'm sure you understand.
  3. dude i better get mad thanks for reading all of that :)
    she definitely likes you, clearly you like her back. if you want her to be your girlfriend, just ask her when she gets back. someone has got to define this relationship sooner or later

    it should be you. shes given you all the hints already
  4. She clearly likes you and doesn't want anyone else. I would just suggest you keep in touch with her until breaks over. And when you get back to school just keep hinting that you like her a lot and once you get comfortable enough to ask questions just ask her about her life and shit like that.

    But I mean you can tell when a chick is a virgin or inexperienced. When ever you get her over to your crib or you go over to hers, just make a move. Do it sober though, so she can actually remember her first time.. if it is her first.
  5. Lol, I lost count after she made out with guy number 2. In front of you.

    In my mind you're showing desperation and she's a player winning a championship ring. I'm far from a prude but if most of the social gatherings you've seen her attend she's been making out with different guys I would be wary of kissing her. Oh and making out with her minutes after she made out with another dude? You were slopping up his seconds.

    IDK man if that were my situation I'd feel like a glorified booty call who's about to get whipped by the village slattern.

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