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  1. They take local delinquent children to prisons like San Quentin in order to teach them about crime and prison with real facts. They bring them in to meet and talk to real inmates who share their insights and stories with the kids. And also scare the shit out of them. They have a method of 'scaring' the facts and reality of prison life into them.

    (it's on a&e.. lol fuckin clownshoes)

    For example on the episode that came on before I got really ripped, there's this 13 yr old black kid who's pretty short so the inmates kind of pick on him with the scaring lol. They took him into a bathroom and this big ass inmate with a beard demanded that he to take his shirt off and he did and then his pants and the kid did but started crying and it was fucking HELLA SAD! Poor lil dude totally didn't deserve it.. And they kept ripping on him later.. At one point they were walking somewhere together (inmates & kids) and one of them said "They like ass! The younger the better, did ya hear that? I'M TALKIN TO YOU SHAWN(the little black kid) and he got all close and the kid turned around and his eyes were all glossy, fuck lol I think the inmates were just seizing the opportunity to fuck with people from the outside..

    Damn I don't really blame em.

    Anyone heard of the show or seen it? it's actually somewhat insightful.
  2. Yea I saw this show yesterday. Its funny how some of the kids still act tough. Its a goodd process though. Shows them where they would end up if they keep fucking up.
  3. i watched some clips on youtube lmfao some of the kids try to laugh it off. To cool 4 prison eh.
  4. I bet those inmates love this shit. Something for them to do and they can act like big big nut jobs.
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    Yeah some of em act pretty snarky or douchey and end up getting yelled at for most of the visit haha

    Yeah lol they're totally seizing the fruitful moment to scare the shit out of em and make themselves feel all big and bad. I mean really, out of everyone the little black kid in the episode received about 60% of the yelling and scaring and verbal abuse that these inmates had to offer. Just cause he was shorter than everyone else... =\
  6. I love watching that show. The kids always get bitched out after looking like their tough shits during their interviews.
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    Yeah, I was super ripped and flipping through channels, finding it when i came across all the verbal abuse and racial tension.

    It really was both hilarious, entertaining and plus slightly informative. Some of my favorite parts were when kids were saying stuff like " Yeah the whole prison experience taught me to stay away from crime and dangerous people but I'm still gonna light doobies all day every day."
  8. Season premiere was just on, those badass kids were from my city :D

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