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Beware when a dealer tells you he has no change .

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LeanSoakedBlunt, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. How about you bring the right amount of money for what your buying. Dealers arent cashiers
  2. well the moral of this story is bring the exact ammount you need. dont be dumb now.
  3. Why would you shoot a dub ?
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    I know dealers who deal with hundreds of dollars on a regular basis and don't have change all the time.........and when you count out a profit, you take the biggest bills and reup with the small bills.....thats just how it works.


    Why wouldn't you have the exact amount on you....the reason for this is discreet one is suppose to know what your doing and when money starts being exchanged back and fourth its 2x as obvious. thats why all veteran dealers and buyers pay in full exact change and high schoolers pay with with what mom and dad gave them for lunch. pathetic.
  5. ^this

    cool story bro... I was exchanging drug money openly with my work crew, boss asked facetiously if it was a drug deal going down lol... told him we were betting on football and asked if he wanted in (nerdy white guy with no interest in sports, didn't even realize it wasn't football season)
  6. Maybe you should get the change, it's not their responsibility to have change for you. Quit being a pussy and buy a dub
  7. they should only NOT have change if they literally just picked up. Otherwise they wouldve have had other sales and hence as OP said, smaller notes.
  8. Lol why would you buy from a dealer expecting him to have change?? It's not a store lol
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  10. [quote name='"Not Sure"']


    ^i did not say grow your own buddy
  11. This used to piss me off so much, if you're buying weed and (usually) in a vehicle, there is absolutely no excuse for not going to a gas station and getting your own change. And if dealers exploit your lack of sense/a backbone in order to make sales that are actually worth their time, all the power to them. Salesmen use that technique all the time, it's called a rehash.
  12. You could pay them in change....Then they would have it....MWAHAHAHA :devious:

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