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Beware when a dealer tells you he has no change .

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LeanSoakedBlunt, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. This one is towards the younger tokers or just people who couldn't put two and two together .

    When ever you ask lets say for a dime, and you ask for change for a $20 Bill most of the time they will say they dont have change .

    (bullshit because when i served you dont know HOW many people pay you in ALL singles, let alone 5 bills .)

    ANYWAYS , this is just a ploy to persuade you to cap a dub. Tell him you want change or your capping from someone else . I bet he changed his answer .

    Summary: DONT belive when a dealer tells you he has no change .
  2. bring only enough for what you plan on buying. always
  3. Or you could just do the logical thing and break the bill yourself and avoid problems........there is a chance he doesnt have change, and even if he does why not just have the correct change so their is nothing to worry about.
  4. good point, although this has never happened to me, i can still see some people doing it thou

  5. I didnt feel the need to mention this due to it being so fucking obvious . But some people just cant get change . they dont live walking distance from a store or no one they know has change at the time .
  6. Always bring exactly enough money for what you're buying. A lot of dealers dont have change.
  7. We're talking about a marijuana dealer here, not fucking 7-11, so just have the right cash for whatever you're buying, and don't expect your dealer to have change.

    Dealers slinging larger amounts will rarely have change, and if you don't have the right money you look like a dick. So just hit an ATM or buy something small to get it right.
  8. i bring the correct change
  9. Better yet, call them/text, ask them how much it is beforehand. Not everyone has change on them all the time, dealer or not. I wouldn't take that as them trying to rip you off. And while it's inconvenient to not live near a store, it's even more inconvenient having to buy from the Black Market, so take the trip as a chance to pick up a new lighter or something.

  10. I live in miami . Every dealer here is like fucking 12 . And they dont cap more than a quarter at a time and slang dimes . Trust me when I know theese fucks have change .
  11. Ya exactly like everyone said...just have the right amount of money, end of story, its not the dealers job to have change for people who dont bring correct change, its his job to get the weed to you and take your money lol
  12. Why are you buying off those little fuckers? I don't know any dealers that can't do more than a quarter, or do less than a g.

    Are you buying regs?
  13. Or go into a corner store and ask for change.. its called a no sale button.. easy bro.. lol.
  14. My dealer always has change if you just tell him before that you need some
  15. my dealers always has change... and if not i will just buy a fatter sack.

    and lol at buying dime sacks. what dealer wants to go out of their way to sell a .5 these days?

  16. Lol even if they have change they dont have to give it to you, they dont work at walmart. Expecting change from an illegal transaction sounds pretty foolish to begin with. I'm assuming you're 18 and use ATM machines, bring exact amounts and change becomes irrelevant.

    What kind of dealer cant do more than a qtr???
  17. also, look both ways before crossing the street.
  18. Although I know people that will do that to lure you into buying a larger amount, it isn't really their responsibility to have change so you should just have the correct amount or break the bill at a local store yourself.

  19. Anyone can push more than a quarter lol . But thats what kids are on theese days they just serve to smoke .
  20. dealers sell less then dubs SMH

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