Beware of Visine

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mr.Nugg, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. A few weeks ago, my boy Tony and I decided a nice large blunt of nuggs would do us right. So after a nice session of blazing out the "Nugg Mobile" we opted to go to The Old Country Buffet and stuff our faces in marijuana bliss. Before entering, I realized I'd better mask the ol' red eyes and reached into my (right) inner pocket in my jacket. Feeling the old trusty bottle, I raised it to my eye. Yet, being night-time, I couldn't really clearly see the bottle. As I gave it the slightest, most gentle squeeze, it dropped into my eye. FUUUUUUCK I screamed. Most excrutiating pain ever. In a stoned frenzy I thought someone had somehow snuck acid into my visine. Nope, I reached into the wrong inner pocket and pulled out the good old "Sweet Breath". You know, the shit that burns your TONGUE to hell. BAD CALL. I was blind in the eye for a few hours and take my word for it, NOT A GOOD FEELING. So be wise when using visine, better yet Clear Eyes. LEGALIZE IT.
  2. Dude that sucks.

    As a non-visine user I really get a kick out of this story. Just one more reason for me not to even bother to try the stuff.
  3. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!


    God I wish that I had been there.

    Because I know exactly how you feel. A couple of weeks ago I was cutting up tabasco peppers to mix with vinegar for some pepper sauce. I didn't wash my hands too good and later when I rubbed my eyes, I got some fresh hot vinegar and pepper juice in my eyes. It really burns doesn't it.
  4. I've wiped my eyes after handleing peppers. That shit hurts like hell! You can't just stop the burning either!
  5. i took a piss after handling peppers...THAT SHIT hurts like hell!!
  6. I am officially revoking my vote for the ass- avatar, after seeing it in av form, I change my mind ;)

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