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  1. Over a year ago, i made a thread on here regarding injuring my lung by accidentally inhaling smoke from the sploof.

    i was called a pussy, and told to toughen up, that it would be fine in a few days.
    Here i am over a year later, unable to smoke, vape, burn incense, or stand near second hand smoke without experiencing stabbing pain in my lung.

    ive tried both steroids and inhalers, but nothing is working. ive just been eating edibles for a year because if i smoke or dab or even vape weed from a volcano at the lowest setting, it causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Doctors dont know what to do.

    They say its inflammation but they cant be totally sure. its frustrating because i was legitimately berated by this forum and not actually given any input. i have given up on the idea of being able to smoke weed ever again.
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  2. Now, who’s fault do you think it is
    when you are injured and you go
    on the internet to ask stoners for
    advice as opposed to going to the doctor?
    Is this where you expected to get great medical advice?
  3. Well seeing as its fairly common for people to use sploofs, one would assume that theres the chance someone has heard of this happening. As i stated, the doctors dont know what to do.
  4. I mean...good that you're getting it out there...but if you're going to warn others about something, as well as relaying what your experience was, you might care to elaborate on the type/contents of the sploof in question as I've seen/read about numerous configurations/ingredients.
    Can't say many of those ingredients would hurt you if inhaled through, if they were made of something somewhat natural at all.
    If you've say, filled it with vacuum powder or some such, well I mean it's on of those things where just "not doing that" should occur, but still may be of value to some.

    Look I've only been here a bit, so I'm not sure who you're talking about, and personally I don't even wanna know.
    I'll just say, sorry if you were treated like shit - only wankers do that, you know this, I know this, they (probably sadly) know this.
    I haven't encountered much of that at all here so maybe there's been a shift in direction or a change for the better since last time. Who knows.

    Anyways, it's not a great situation.
    So you didn't inhale any solids that may have deeply lodged into your lung/s?
    Any scans/results? I mean, this here is where you'll learn the most.
    Mandatory idiot question - You're not currently smoking tobacco, are you?
    How about regular breathing? Deep Breaths?
    When you say vaping effects it, what device are you using? Some have a lot more resistance than others when you draw on them...I can't see a vape (a real one, not that liquid bullshit) hurting you any more than regular breathing unless there's a resistance factor causing increased pressure on your lungs. Perhaps a bag system, or something with good air flow wouldn't be as bad.
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  5. i used a bunch of dryer sheets stuffed in a toilet paper tube, and the smoke was definitely not solid. Ive had multiple xrays done and they said the structure of my lung is intact, just that theres inflammation. theyve tried treating it but its not really healing. however nah, i am definitely not smoking anything. ive tried both nicotine and cannabis vaporizers and it gets irritated either way. doesnt matter the type of vape or the temp, anything i breathe that isnt oxygen produces an instant reaction in my lung. ive even tried those volcano vaporizers with the big bags of almost invisible vapor.
  6. Idk if it was the sploof man something else may have cause the issue. The only thing I could see happening is if you were choking coughing and still trying to use the sploof. This would make you inhale at a very fast rate the scents/fibers from the dryer sheet which possibly is still causing irritation. Sorry to here that this happened, I personally have not used one of these things since I was a teen and had no idea they had a
  7. Cant be the dryer sheets, you use them with your clothes. Try smelling a dryer sheet and see if it fucks with you. Makes little sense that it fucked with you in a sploof but not when you wear clothes that have dryer sheets used on them. Smell what im steppin in cheif?

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