Between the Buried and Me

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  1. Any one out there a between the buried and me fan? Their new cd comes out September 18th, and I've ahd a chance to listen to it. Its really good, but I liked Alaska a little better. If you haven't heard of between the buried and me and you like heavy music, or just really really creative stuff, give them a listen. Smoke a bowl and prepare to have you mind blown.
  2. They're a great band, I've been listening ever since their first self-titled album. The sound definitely has changed, but they are still a really talented group. Live shows are incredible too.
  3. ive been listening since the silent circus came out.. yeah the sound changed but its a good change.
  4. Yeah, seen them many times.. Although, for some reason their live performance suffers from lack of movement.. last time they all just sat about
  5. Soomka thats because the songs they are playing are really really technical, therefore, really really hard to play. You cant jump around while playing what they play at the speeds they do. It's all about how well they play live.
  6. BTBAM is fucking amazing. how did u get access to new cd? a leak would be tight. lol

    But yeah between the buried and me is music for a musicians mindd, or for pure creative mindd. it isntt for the dancers nd m0shers. just pure love for music.

    they are flawless live, and any off beat movements would fuck up their technical groove. I mean come'on man they write all their stuff in sheet musicc.

    though a random ass breakdown calls for some g00d head nods from the dudes on the stage always.
  7. it leaked, but its hard to find, just check all the torrent sites you know.
  8. I've listened to it, it's very good.
  9. got ittt. so farr. just as i suspected..amazing=]
  10. Hell Yea Man!
  11. Medicine Wheel and Selkies!
  12. the new cd is not bad, they explore alot of music genres, i deffeinetly going to buy the actual cd even though i have a copy
  13. The new cd is pretty good. I like the concept of the continuous song, and the mix-up of influences. However, I wish they wouldn't play "jazz" in such a hokey way...the drummer isn't even playing a swing beat, just dotted quarter and eights. Sorry for the musical rant.
  14. Meshuggah, the Faceless, Necrophagist... I could make a long list of really technical bands that still move on stage.

    Bottom line (I tell you this from a wee bit of experience too) is you got to hold a crowds attention when youre live. Thats usually where you get your fans when you start out. I like when a band moves and shit... its like they feel it more and I do too. Never seen BTBAM live though so I dont really know
  15. PS I like you:D
  16. This thread is old... but I thought I'd come in and say how mindblown I was by Parallax II: Future Sequence.
    BTBAM does this to me almost every time. I just fade into the epic lengths of their chapters (songs). Favorite band of all time.

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