Better weed in cali or canada?

Discussion in 'General' started by JustChill84, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. I've been wondering this for a little while. I've seen some amazing weed from both canada and cali before. Which area gets the better buds/best prices?
  2. Cal has very good fairly priced bud and canada has ok cheap bud
  3. This topic is flamebait, just so that you are aware. I know you probably aren't trolling but this will indefinately start an argument.

    I am from Cali and I am not going to contribute to the flaming.
  4. Basically, from what I've found through my own experience, Canada has better prices than California, but California has better bud =]

    I rest my hat in California.
  5. canada definitely has better prices. cali green wins though :D
  6. Its not about where you are its about who you know.
  7. QFT

    msg to short
  8. Not necessarily true. Some areas just don't get any dank at all.
  9. Bro, honestly, I've been to quite a few of those places. =]
    99% I would get dank weed for the sole reason that I knew people.

    A dry town is perfect territory for a major dealer,
    and dealers capitalize on that.
    I learned that fast =]
  10. Sometimes you just have to meet someone who grows the dank, but isn't necessarily a dealer.
  11. BC>>>Cali
  12. i haven't been to canada, so i can't really talk about their weed.

    i am, however, a resident of southern california. let me say, we are just like everywhere else--we have brickweed around, and we have dank.

    all i'll say is i picked up some "triple x superstrain" last night (which was brought down to me from near humboldt), and i couldn't even finish a full bowl out of my dealer's bong... and i smoke a lot of weed. 3/4 bowl and i was so blazed it was ridiculous.

    i sat at a stop sign for 10 minutes screaming at my friends on my bluetooth waiting to turn left (an unprotected left turn) because i was scared shitless. it was amazing.
  13. I have never been to California, so I really cannot say. Probably the same all over the place, though. Some people grow crap, and some people do not, I doubt reigion has much to do with it.
  14. Liquidtruth - is your name derived from sodium pentathol?
  15. No, no it is not. :)

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