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Better to Harvest when plant is dark or light? Does it matter?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ChargerFan722, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Hi guys. Yes this is going to be my first harvest and I was just wondering if there is a difference betwen cutting my plant down while the light is on or off (If this even matters at all??). Any input is apprecciated! Thanks. I have included some pics for the ones who appreciate!! :smoke::D:smoke:

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  2. Best time to chop is right before lights on. The buds get the biggest during lights off so if you aren't doing 24-48 in the dark prior to chop, do it then.
  3. I can put them in dark for 24 hours tonight & chop tomorrow then?? Does that help? Lol. Thanx for the quick response also!
  4. I would wait until this light on cycle is done, then let it sit for 24hrs. in the dark and chop then. No need to cut your lights off early.
  5. Doesn't matter. Check the trichs. If it's done, its done.
  6. If the trichomes are ready, put the plant in complete darkness for 36 - 48 hours. The plant will think it's die ing and produce some swollen buds.

  7. It does matter. Harvest first thing in the morning or right after your lights come on.

  8. That isn't what happens. The buds don't swell from extended dark before harvest. The idea with long dark periods is to maximize terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid content, as these are produced during the dark cycle and are found in highest concentrations at first light. By subjecting the plants to extended darkness, the theory is that the plant will have as much of these desired compounds as possible at the time of harvest.

    I do 48-72 hours of darkness before I cut. I don't know if the theory is proven, but I have the space, so it isn't gonna hurt anything.

    That is my understanding of the purpose of extended dark periods. I can speak from first hand experience with many strains and say that I have never seen any noticeable bud swelling during the extended dark period before harvest.
  9. This. Also resin production is increased as the plant puts all its efforts into survival mode and as we all know thc is the plants defense mechanism.
  10. Thanks for all the great tips guys!! I'm giving the first one 24 hrs of darkness & the second one 48 hrs. I'll let u know of any big diff between the 2.. ** Final question: Should I chop the plant at the base prior to removing any fan leaves or colas? Or should I trim some fan leaves off first, then chop at the base? Or just take each "Cola" off the main stem? (Not for curing or drying purposes). I've just heard that some ppl have preferred methods and am definitely open to any suggestions! If it doesnt matter that's fine also! Thanks again for everything guys!
  11. it doesn't matter, THC isn;t a mobile molecule, it doesn;t move in and out of the buds; it doesn;t make one bit of difference. The resin doesn't move from the buds back into the stem and roots during the light cycle, in fact exactly the opposite, exposing your buds to low levels of UV light can increase resin production(to protect the plant)
  12. it does matter. it has to mostly do with taste. when the lights turn on nutrients go from the roots up into the plant where they are needed and at night when they "sleep" most of the nutes goes back into the roots. so if you harvest after a dark period then the nutes that are left will mostly be in the roots and not the buds...and then give you a better tasting, smelling bud.

    the 36-48 hour dark period is to trigger the plants defense mechanism. the best one the plant has is resin production...aka frostyness.

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