Better to harvest early or late?

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  1. Tomorrow will b a few days shy of end of week 8 flower. I'm in dwc, been flushing a couple days. Monday morning I'm going away for 2 weeks. I have a critical with a few amber trichs and a royal cookies I will Def harvest. I also have a few bagseed plants looking close. I would love to leave them another week but I think maybe another 2 might b too much.. Should I just harvest them all tomorrow? What u guys think? Cheers.
  2. Show pics. Personally I would probably let them go if they're not ready and you have a way to take care of them while gone. Harvesting early sucks
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  3. Patience.
    What did you want ? Which is closer to your goal?
    This is only this time. You will see results and adjust accordingly in the future.
  4. Yeah I'll post pics soon. Im thinking I could let em go a week. But 2 is that pushing it? What I'm asking is once the harvest windows opens how long before it's too late. There's once u start seeing a bit of amber how long before Ur at 60%? Very general questions but I'm only looking for general answers at this stage.
  5. I'll take late over early any day
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  6. OK well as it's not a matter of patience I'll just leave those ones longer if they r not in danger. I'll post some pics shortly
  7. OK this cam sucks but this is a bud of the critical.

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  8. This is the bagseed I'm unsure of
  9. Also if I leave them another 2 weeks I could give em a Lil bit more food then tell mate to top up with plain water so they r flush slowly and r not past dead by that time, flushing usually take about 1 week in dwc?

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  10. What @killset said - all day every day.

    Early immature nugs suck.

    How often have you heard folks complain about flowers that have left on the vine too long?

    Stop flushing and at least use 1/4 to 1/2 strength nutrients and let them go the distance

    10 weeks isn't going to hurt anything

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  11. OK cool thanks guys imma do that. I might even leave the critical as well. It has some decent amber on top but lower nugs still very clear.
  12. Half now, the other half later?

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