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  1. Okay so in a couple days ima make a trip to the tobacco empourium, but what would be a better investment...a joint roller, or a grinder?
  2. Depends on what you like to do with your cannabis..IMO I think a grinder is a better investment..unless you smoke alot if jays..then some $ and get both

  3. Grinder brotha, I have owned a total of 3 joint rollers. From the 30$ "Futurola" to the 99 cent "Zig Zag" roller, and the 99 cent one worked WAAAAAAY fucking better than that 30$ piece of shit which I destroyed in a rage when it began breaking (after NEVER successfully rolling a joint with it, EVER.) Point being, don't get a roller to roll joints for you, roll your own joints!! I was one of those people that smoke for a lonnng time and could never roll, then one day I bought 2 packs of Zig Zag's and just sat down with the lid of a shoe box and went to town, first one was terrible, by the 45th one I was lit as fuck and... I could roll a perfect J!
  4. Grinder!!!
  5. A buddy of mine has a joint roller like the cheap one your talkin bout, it rolls perfect joints, I can roll joints pretty well myself its jus easier with a roller, but im leaning towards a grinder.
  6. Grinder and u should roll your joints by hand.
  7. Honestly, I'd pick up 2-3 of those cheap rollers if they are 99 cents like mine was bro. I know what your talking about, I can roll too, but it's time consuming. The only reason I say buy a few of those is because the plastic/rubbery mat that you roll the the ganj around in rips at the end sometimes and gets worse from there on in!

  8. Grinder. God damn, you just never really appreciate a grinder until you go from having on to having to break that shit up by hand.

    And I always roll my joints by hand, so I've gotten a lot faster at that. Plus, I just feel like its more of an experience when you take the time to roll what you're gonna smoke. Its like how making something from scratch is far more satisfying than just buying the finished product. But I'm a joint fiend, so that might just be me....
  9. Grinder all the way, you can never get enouh practice rollin J's
  10. As everyone else is saying, grinder!
  11. Grindaaah! Roll your joints by hand. Cones FTW.
  12. Get the grinder, learn to roll nice joints.
    At least you can appreciate what you made rather than what a machine made!

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