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  1. I've been wondering something, why exactly is bestiality illegal other than the obvious issue of disgust? It actually is legal in quite a few countries, Sweden and Amsterdam are the ones that I know for sure. Homosexuality was considered wrong and a mental illness not so long ago, might the same go for people who are attracted to animals?

    Personally I think it's revolting and would not want someone living near me who fucks animals, but I suppose it's their right as long as no animal gets hurt. Plus the animal must like it in some way, because a dog will bite the fuck out of you if you're doing something that hurts it. You have a talent if you can fuck a horse without getting kicked, their kick will shatter ribs easily, people are killed every year by getting kicked, they're dangerous animals when you piss them off.
  2. ... and they turn green when they eat alfalfa. I am now pondering the politics and sociologic implications of green horses.
  3. What if the animal doesnt want it.
  4. Ask a theropist ? Did I spell that right
  5. I assume the person would be in the hospital. I've been kicked by a horse before and it nearly broke my femur. Dog bites are no joke, either, they can get nasty infections.

  6. Lol! Where do you draw the line?

  7. Do you think theres only 2 types of animals in the world or what?

    Trust me, I do beastiality all the time. You can drug up the dog or cage the horse or cow. You can also break the dogs legs and knock its teeth out.
  8. I believe the government should regulate every sexual encounter for our own protection. A government trained expert should draw up an acceptable contract for the two parties that they must sign before intercourse. Then we should tax every sexual encounter in America. Oh shit I might have just given the liberals their next idea!
  9. You can build bridges all your life, and nobody would refer to you as (your name) "the bridge builder".

    However if you screw one sheep and somebody finds out.....well we all know what they'd be callin ya.
  10. Bestiality literally means "the love of animals." People who fuck animals are very attached to their pets, aka the Crazy Cat Lady. A zoosadist is a completely different thing, that's a person who derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain on an animal, which constitutes an extremely small percentage of those who identify as zoosexuals.
  11. The only punishment would be being majorly outcasted by society, if found out.
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    There are legal penalties if you're caught. It's a felony in some states, in states where it is never mentioned as illegal you can still be charged with mistreatment to animals. Kinda hard to get caught doing this sort of thing unless you do something dumb, though. Ever seen Zoo? I'd recommend it, interesting documentary.
  13. as long as the animal is over 16 i don't see a problem..
  14. because an animal can't give its consent.
  15. Bestiality laws are big government.
  16. This one never made much sense to me. We don't ask an animal if it's ok with us killing and eating it before we slaughter it, but somehow having sex with an animal is worse than killing one. Weird double standards in society these days.
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    I never thought of it that way. Interesting. PETA would be pissed or would they? They might like some animal loving themselves. :D


    Make love not dinner! Brought to you by PETA!
  18. IIRC Peta is against bestiality. I'll actually email them and ask them right now, lol.
  19. Amsterdam is not a country lol

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