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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cuckoo, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. okay what is the best weed you have ever smoked and what were the effects...i am asking this question because i am just interested to know what are the different kinds of weed from all over the south africa our best home grown weed is probably transkei grade A... very harsh on the throat but oh my goodness you just cant sit still!!!!damn stuff is crazy!!!(and i mean normal stuff this excludes hydroponics and shit like that...)
  2. Amen Cuckoo!

    Me myself from SA and i have to say one thing WE HAVE THE BEST WHEAT IN THE WORLD!!! Don't know what the name of the wheat is is smoked once but it just made me sooo lazy!!!! It took me prob about 1hr to walk what normally takes me 10min!!!

  3. I've got some really good nug right now, over the weekend I had myself convinced that there was a little man inside my head looking out the "windows" (my eyes) controlling my body like a machine. Then I had my all time favorite, when I would move or talk and then 2 seconds after I couldn't remember if I had actually done what I just did.

    Hopefully in a couple of weeks my friends crop will come in and he claims that the new stuff is even better than this. I can't wait.

  4. LOL :D
  5. I would have to say White Rhino for me. I took 3 hits and i was outta this world, i was smiling so much my cheek bones started to hurt. A+ MJ
  6. I haven't got to smoke any good ass shit like white rhino or alaskan thunderfuck. The best I've smoked was probably Northern Lights or Four Way.

    That is the grade A shit. In the last year people have been saying that this strain has been officially pronounced "dead". One of my friends claims that his uncle grew the first MTF plant.
  8. oh duude, once i smoked this crazy weed man, and i was tripping like WHOA! im serious man, it was like totally wow.. i was all baked and stuff, and my eyes got red.
  9. Haha, my eyes go red whenever I smoke good weed :D

    Everyone can tell I'm stoned just by looking at my eyes.

    I smoked some real good White Widow once. It was a realy good strain... it was white, because of all the crystals :D

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