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best weed for the money?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by rankydank420, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. what do yall think is the best weed for your money?

    I'm going to scale my answer on what I pay for weed

    7 grams of schwag for 25$

    3-5 grams of mid for 25$

    1.2-1.5 grams of dank for 25$

    do you think schwag is the best way to go? its nasty but you get a whole bunch.

    or the everyfaithful mids? good quality bud but not quite as much as you would normally get.

    or dank? you get barely any for your money but you really don't have to smoke that much at all.

    for me to get high I have to smoke at least a joint of schwag, probably just a couple of bowls of midgrade, and like a half a bowl of dank is enough to get me somewhat lifted.

    I would have to say dank is the best period. since I can afford it haha :smoke:
  2. A quarter of Schwag would be good for cooking with.
  3. yo Subway toker I've seen your posts, where do you smoke around? I see you live in NC. I live in Winston-salem
  4. DANK:
    8-30$ - 1g
    25-65$ - 3.5g 1/8
    55-145$ - 7g 1/4
    115-240$ - 14g 1/2
    200-500$ - 28g oz
    MIDS (sensimilla schwagg):
    25-60$ - 28g oz
    100-165$ - 112g qp
    200-265$ - 224g 1/2lb
    380-500$ - 448g lb
  5. Depends on how good the mids are. There's a pretty big range of quality. For high mids, hell yeah go for 3 grams for 25$. If they're just normal middies, eh I'd say it's still a better deal.

    Usually a quarter-gram of dank is enough to get me really high, so that means the dank costs $8.33 per/ high, while with average middies usually a half-gram or 3/4-gram gets me very very high, so that works out to at most $6.25 per/ high.

    So yeah go with middies. Some purists will say the dank gives a "better high" but this isn't always true. I've had some mids/shwag give me great head social giggly highs, pure sativas with little paranoia and little to no heavy body lag, while I've had dank that does nothing but make me sleep.

    edit: jcj77d I don't think mids mean sinsemilla shwag at all. Sinsemilla is almost always dank, the worst sensimilla I've ever gotten was still extremely high mids (one joint to yourself is an overdose for most people). Mids mean for most people (and I'm assuming for the original poster) average weed with some seeds, maybe a little leafy, but still some trichome coverage, stickiness, and it'll definitely get you stoned. Go brag about your prices somewhere else, kthx.

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