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Best Ways to Smoke to Save Bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GiraffeVenom, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. So I'm pretty new to weed, well really new to weed. It only takes me about 4 hits of a joint to be comfortably high, 5 and I'm gone lol. But I smoke mostly joints and I don't really like glass pipes much. But money is tight and weed is expensive so, even though it barely takes me any as it is, I wanna maximize my stash. I'm looking into a bong or a vaporizer but I'd be willing to try or get anything that works well. What's the smartest thing to use as a beginner to get high without being fucked up using as little weed as possible? 

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    Vapes are very efficient, but I am personally not a fan.   I don't find near the same amount of satisfaction as I do when I smoke.....I love the taste, the smell, and the act of smoking....just my preference.   Also, decent vapes aren't cheap, so I'd try vaping a bunch and see if you like it before buying one, especially if you are new.
    My personal recommendation?    Get a simple, small, high-quality glass can get a nice straight-tube for $75-ish.   For bowls, there are many options for cool little one-hitter bowls that you can use with your bong.  They are super small and only hold a tiny amount, enough for a small personal hit.      This would is a great way to conserve weed, and really enhance your smoking experience......ripping ice-cold hits from a quality little bong will get you toasty on small amounts.
  3. Get yourself a dugout.
    Vapes use MORE weed despite what the various manufacturers say.
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    Dugouts are great for concerts and stealthiness, but are insanely harsh for every-day smoking.   See my above most.   A nice little bong with a one-hitter bowl is the way to go......just as efficient + way easier on the lungs and throat. 
  5. @[member="Shiva Blaster"] Any good cheap bongs you can link me to? Trying to stay as cheap as possible
    Why say it twice? This is the exact advice I was going to give. The best part of bongs is you can make one your self. The only money you will spend is about $10 on a slide and a bowl. If you don't care about smoking out of a wrench-socket you can improvise with that and what ever tubing you find that wont melt. You can get a great little Chinese made glass on glass piece at your local smoke shop for less than $30. I picked up a cool little blue, all glass, water pipe for $25.
    Peace :wave:
  7. What I have figured out is just smoke up as you please and then when the time comes when that bags gettin low you WILL find a way.Kottonmouth Kings
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    Keep in mind that you get what you pay for with glass for the most part.....if you are going to be a pot smoker, some half-decent glass is a very good investment.   Cheap glass is thin, poorly made, and breaks easily.    Just look for something at least 5mm thick, a nice 12" straight tube or small bubbler would work great for ya.   Expect to pay around $75 for something of decent quality.   Much better to spend that amount, then to save $30 -40 on something that is just going to break on you IMO.   
    You can look here on the GC store, they often have sales where you can get something of decent quality for $40-50.
  9. @[member="HillbillyHoax"] do you have any experience with any of those less than $15 bongs? I won't be rough with it so I should be able to keep it fine. But I wanna make sure it works well and wont require any extra pieces or anything like that 
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    Here is an example of what you can get if you are wiling to spend $70.....a nice 18" straight tube, 5mm thick, with ice-notches and a diffused down-stem.    I throw a couple of ice cubes in and this thing gets me ripped on tiny little bowls.      The ash-catcher was extra, but you don't need one of those right away if you are starting out, and you'd be set with just the bong and a one-hitter bowl   :)
    The smaller 12" version is only $50 I believe, and it would last you forever. 
  11. @[member="Shiva Blaster"] do you have a link of where to get that? along with a good sized bowl 
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    I got mine locally on sale.   I'd go to your local head-shop and see what they have before getting anything can pick them up, feel their weight, see the thickness, ask questions, etc.     Some shops have good prices, others are outrageous, ask around or look online and find the best shop in your town.      Don't be worried about brand names as much, or let the person working push a $200 ROOR down your throat, just tell him/her that you want something small with high quality 5mm+ thick glass and see what they have and what the price range is.
    You'll usually find some inexpensive quality glass from local blowers and companies, where as online most of the really cheap glass is just mass-produced crap made in China. 
  13. little known non-DIY GB right here surprised nobody has mentioned a gb. OR you can go the ratchet piece and bottle top if conservation is your priority, I feel you on the times are tight and the high is necessary. IMO 
  14. Dugout. 20 bux..
    I drilled my bat so it's more than a "one hitter". Hits are much easier to regulate. I smoke every method imaginable. The dugout is the most efficient way to conserve weed.
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    Yes, gravity bongs and ratchets are cheap and effective, but OP is starting out and we're trying to set them up with something to smoke out of every day that isn't going to murder their lungs and throat.   A nice, inexpensive, quality every-day driver so to speak. 
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    See my post earlier in the thread.   A small bong with a one-hitter bowl is just as efficient but 1000% more pleasant to smoke.....dugouts are essentially small little crackpipes and while very convenient for concerts and very efficient, they are pretty much the harshest method of consuming weed on the planet.  
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    That's your opinion. I saw your post..
    Besides, the OP didn't ask for all that. He asked what he could smoke from to conserve weed.
    A dugout is the best. I smoke from mine daily and unless I need more weed it's pretty much all I use.
    As long as you're not trying to RIP it, it's not at all harsh.

    Weed smoking is a very personal activity. He has to find what works best for him without breaking the bank.
    A dugout, 20 bux..
  18. one hitters like those in the dug outs are very good at conserving weed.
    The very best though is knife hits.

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