Best ways to create sexual tension?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by blazemore, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so I think my understanding of sexual tension might be a little vague. How can you create it and what are some good methods of creating sexual tension? Is it like flirting?
  2. whip out your peen
  3. touch, feel.

    less talking, more exploring.
    coyly touch her just where she wants to be touched, and she will love it.

  4. damn, beat me to it.
  5. Yes, it's flirting. Subtlety is key.

    Make edgy comments about how she looks; something less intense than "I want to fuck your wet pussy" but something a little more sexual than "Oh I like your sweater!"

    Light touching and caressing is good, play around with her when you have your arm around her or when holding hands, etc. When you're watching a movie and there is a hot and steamy scene, make sure you pull her closer.
  6. I feel like sexual tension is something you can't create. It has to just be there. I mean you can flirt and get horny and build up on that making sexual tension, but I feel like that's more of just plain old horny-ness.

    I like organic sexual tension. When you get around that person you can't help but flirt or touch. Everytime you're together you can just feel it, your bodies want eachother. That is true sexual tension my friend. I've only had it with 2 people.
  7. Flirting, simple hints, disregarding those simple hints and then regarding them... It's a fun thing really.

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