Best way to test carbon scrubber

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  1. What is the best way to test if a carbon scrubber is working correctly mounted inside a cabinet? I've heard of people putting incense inside or even banana oil extract, and if there is no smell outside then you know. Would like to make sure it's working with the best possible test so there are no surprises later. Thanks.
  2. the answer is your carbon filter must be on the exhaust sucking or blowing air through it, preferably sucking to make sure everything is being drawn into the carbon filter, then through ducting and out. ive done this a few times and yes incense works and then go outside for a while to refresh your senses, and then return to your room.
  3. Thanks. Scrubber and 4" fan (TD100) are inside the cabinet with scrubber first, and then inline fan pulling and exhausting through duct to outside of cabinet. Just wanted to make sure incense is a strong enough odor to test.
  4. your gonna need a crave case from white castle and a fifth of the cheapest vodka you can find. Consume both than let a nasty unfiltered fart in your grow room, quickly jump out and close the door. Then turn off any other fans or AC, let it get nice and hot in there, the hotter the better. After a half hour go in, and instantly inhale threw your nose. If you feel light headed, its not working correctly.

    I use a pack of matches, I have a good nose for the sulfer and after 15 mins I cant smell it in my room. Sometimes you just have to wait and see if you smell any skunky odor at peak flower. I usually take all of mine down after 6 months and kind of bang them on the ground, It helps reativate the charcoal.

    Hope this helps, what kind of filter did you pick up??
  5. Well since it's a cabinet and not a whole room, I think we might have a bit of a fire hazard. After a crave case and that fifth, that kind of atomic fuel in such a small enclosed space could create a nasty blast if the lights happen to switch on mid-fart :)

    But seriously - anyone else use anything to test their system for peace of mind?
  6. Tests ive done.

    Light a blunt and set it on an ashtray inside the cabinet.
    Incense on an Incense burner.
    Sulfer Burner at hottest temp.
  7. Ya, definitely not safe with a cabinet.

    the matches or blunts should work, they are only temporary sources of smell though. Im not sure their is really anyway to mimic the smell of a few marijuana plants in full flower.

    I would just kinda wing it, if its a quality, name brand, filter and your pulling a negative pressure in your cabinet, you should be OK. Maybe have some ONA or airfresheners as a back up.

    What filter and fan combo do you have?

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