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  1. me and the boyfriend are only get 2 pills 1 for each i have to work in the morning....whats the best way to take them? snort? chew up? swallow?
  2. Chew it up and then swallow it.
  3. Good luck with that. X is tastes so bitter. I would just swallow them but make sure you swallow with water so it dissolves in your stomach rite.
  4. yea definitly swallow.

    i like the way that is hits you like no other when you swallow. you wont even be expecting it.
  5. Just let it dissolve
  6. crush it, powder it, pour powder into an eye dropper of water, then squeeze i right onto your eyeballs.
    it's always worked for me. :D
  7. bite with front teeth once or twice to get a couple chunks. Dont wanna chew it into a powder

    Then swallow the chunks. Hits faster
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    this man speaks the truth

    some people may think its gay, but i know i like women and it it hits u hard
    and faster and I think u absorb more

    it really doesnt feel that weird going up
  9. How can you not be gay and comfortable with something going up your ass at the same time?

    Its drugs not an anal tumor. Not serious enough :smoke:
  10. haha. id plug. but i would never let any of my friends know. i heard it hits you soo much harder. and actually absorbs more of the mdma.
  11. Is it common for people to parachute E as well? I suppose you could try that if you want it to hit you faster.

  12. Yea thats called IN the closet haha jk :smoke:
  13. at first i thought id never plug.... dont knock it till uv tried it
  14. Plug them?

    Just sayin.........

  15. you could, but i always throw up when i parachute

    just chew it a few times and swallow with water, same effects without the nausea imo

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