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Best way to take HYDROCODONE?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stanley2008, May 25, 2009.

  1. i have 2 big hydrocodones, they have a slit for splitting them on one side and a bold "512" on the other. i know i can get high just from taking them (no tolerance) but i was wondering if pandoras box had any good suggestions on how i should get fucked up. i have never snorted anything but would be willing to try if its worth it. also i have no weed (i heard you could smoke it with weed) so that is a no-go.

    thanks guise.
  2. No you cannot smoke it.

    No you should not snort it, it has apap.

    Just take the pills.

    ;) :D :smoking:

  3. alright brah, happy toking
  4. sounds like a oxy to me.. the 512 means its a 5mg perc. i assume its a white circle? (the pill)

    is that it?
    cuz yeah that a oxy/tylenol. MUCH BETTER THAN A HYDRO
  5. hell yeah you got a perc lucky mofo lol

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